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Should technology (such as cell phones, video games, iPods, etc.), be allowed in camps?

I volunteer at a sports Summer camp, and there has been a recent ban in technology. Of course, the kids (ages range from 6-14) complain. But I personally believe in the concept that if kids can't enjoy the outdoors, play ground, etc. like before, who will? As we all know, technology has become a huge part in our society. But how far is too far? I know there are different types of camps, but I'm referring to sports and nature camps, mostly.
I want to hear everyone's personal opinion. :) Whether this ban is right or wrong. Whether this ban is positive or negative. Whether each camp in general should follow these guidelines when it comes to technology.


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    Aug 12 2011: Dear Ashley
    I experienced it. it so good. you will feel pure peace.
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      Aug 15 2011: Hey Mojtaba! I'm very glad to hear that! I want to know when, where, how, and why the feeling brought you pure peace. :) Thanks for commenting!
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        Aug 15 2011: Hi my friend
        when: about 4 (or more) years ago . for 1 week

        with : my friend (10 or more) (all male).... and you should better try it with your female friend

        where : in the jungle

        how : without any electrical instrument (just food and something for sleep) of course we had light and the climate was so nice that we didn't need heater or cooler..we played football ,volleyball and any teamwork game instead of computer games and we had some masters , so we had discussion too . we were accommodate with nature and I think if we used something like mobile we couldn't felt the real peace because i experienced that too. dear Ashley the new world order allow you to life in its way , break the borders and think about the GOD.
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          Aug 16 2011: Thank you so much, Mojtaba. That was very enlightening. Thanks for commenting.

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