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Should technology (such as cell phones, video games, iPods, etc.), be allowed in camps?

I volunteer at a sports Summer camp, and there has been a recent ban in technology. Of course, the kids (ages range from 6-14) complain. But I personally believe in the concept that if kids can't enjoy the outdoors, play ground, etc. like before, who will? As we all know, technology has become a huge part in our society. But how far is too far? I know there are different types of camps, but I'm referring to sports and nature camps, mostly.
I want to hear everyone's personal opinion. :) Whether this ban is right or wrong. Whether this ban is positive or negative. Whether each camp in general should follow these guidelines when it comes to technology.


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  • Aug 10 2011: Well I don't think it wins them over! However, I think it does help them get a new experience and show them that they can have fun without it.
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      Aug 11 2011: Hey, Rachel. Exactly. And hopefully, in most cases, they realize that they don't need electronics or any type of technology to keep them occupied or satisfied. That maybe they can ooze into the idea that some outdoor activities that they have at my summer camp, for example, can create more joyous memories of childhood than always being on their cell phones. Thanks for commenting!

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