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Should technology (such as cell phones, video games, iPods, etc.), be allowed in camps?

I volunteer at a sports Summer camp, and there has been a recent ban in technology. Of course, the kids (ages range from 6-14) complain. But I personally believe in the concept that if kids can't enjoy the outdoors, play ground, etc. like before, who will? As we all know, technology has become a huge part in our society. But how far is too far? I know there are different types of camps, but I'm referring to sports and nature camps, mostly.
I want to hear everyone's personal opinion. :) Whether this ban is right or wrong. Whether this ban is positive or negative. Whether each camp in general should follow these guidelines when it comes to technology.


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    Aug 10 2011: My question is, by banning the electronics will the kids who would have been distracted be less likely to be distracted without the electronics?

    I am not sure. Personally I don't like to tell folks what they can't do, I would rather spend time telling the kids what we will do (hike, fish, swim, play).

    I would have approached it by using those devices to advance the discussion of nature (download a compass or other nature related apps to help with activities and such).
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      Aug 11 2011: Hey, William. In my personal experience in dealing with kids, they become less distracted without the electronics. I see where you are coming from though. Maybe it all just depends where exactly you are. The setting and environment plays a mega role in whether they feel the need to be on their electronics all the time, or not. And I believe that encouraging them to download apps, etc. on nature for the benefit of activities or discussions could only go so far with some kids. Of course, this all depends on the age of the kids as well. Thanks for commenting!

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