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No emotion is negative or positive.

Nature cannot or will not provide us with anything which is not useful. It is against the basic principle of nature to hand us over anything which we cannot put to some good use. The catch is that these emotions like everything else should be used in moderation and for the specific purpose for which they were meant. Only when they are over used or used outside their designated purpose that they become negative.

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    Aug 10 2011: i like this as it does away with the percieved duality of life.
  • Aug 10 2011: Surely the way you use the emotion makes the emotion negative or positive. Are you saying that resentment is not negative. 'Only when they are over used or used outside their designated purpose that they become negative.' In other words they begin neutral, but they become positive or negative? Sorry, I disagree. Emotions are either beneficial or not. No, I just disagree with this idea.
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    Aug 11 2011: Ha very interesting angle. Although, I do not agree. Emotions started as evolution shows, ways to keep our community together and overcome our surroundings; to communicate beyond just speaking but with reason which gave us language. Language is speaking with reason.

    So to explain, fear taught us how not to get killed.
    The emotion of love came from mammals to care for their offspring.
    Guilt and Pride sprung from social primates, so they could travel, protect, and be a community.These emotions were formed and passed on due to natural selection.

    But now. Now we are so over-populated, natural selection does not exist. We do not need to survive anymore therefore every trait gets passed on. Even the ones consider "negative". I.E. A person wants to kill thyself because he is so horribly sad. Well why would the animal kingdom pass this down? It does not help us survive. Actually, it does the opposite.

    So emotions had positive and negative effect because we have evolve to creatures where self-awareness is major impact on our behavior and life
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    Aug 10 2011: This sounds like Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean
    "It should be evident that Aristotle's treatment of virtues as mean states endorses the idea that we should sometimes have strong feelings—when such feelings are called for by our situation. Sometimes only a small degree of anger is appropriate; but at other times, circumstances call for great anger. The right amount is not some quantity between zero and the highest possible level, but rather the amount, whatever it happens to be, that is proportionate to the seriousness of the situation."
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    Aug 10 2011: They sure can feel powerfully positive or negative!
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    Aug 10 2011: Nature can and does provide us with useless stuff. Just ask any vestigial organ.

    With that said; I do not recognize negative emotions.
  • Aug 10 2011: It is neutral. Neither can you say it negative nor positive.
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    Aug 10 2011: absolutely correct!!:)
    emotions are basically the internal feelings of human.if you become emotional about some topic or anything it doesn't conclude that you are weak at that content or depends upon how you consider this whether as possitive or negative.there can be some events which may make u emotional but also you can gain strenth from this.
    for instance;if you have done any mistake.and someday you are blamed by others....then its sure that you will feel shame about that....but if we see the another part..then we can be determined not to do that kind of mistakes further....
    Banani Acharya