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No emotion is negative or positive.

Nature cannot or will not provide us with anything which is not useful. It is against the basic principle of nature to hand us over anything which we cannot put to some good use. The catch is that these emotions like everything else should be used in moderation and for the specific purpose for which they were meant. Only when they are over used or used outside their designated purpose that they become negative.


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    Aug 10 2011: absolutely correct!!:)
    emotions are basically the internal feelings of human.if you become emotional about some topic or anything it doesn't conclude that you are weak at that content or chapter.it depends upon how you consider this whether as possitive or negative.there can be some events which may make u emotional but also you can gain strenth from this.
    for instance;if you have done any mistake.and someday you are blamed by others....then its sure that you will feel shame about that....but if we see the another part..then we can be determined not to do that kind of mistakes further....
    Banani Acharya

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