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When we hold something valuable in your life is were our selfishness shows.

Majority of us have accepted that we are natural selfish being. So were do we justify our selfishness as an individual person. Are we in the "CONSERVATIVE"-Type or in "LIBERATED"-Type of groupies.
From the two its already clear whos the aggressive and whos the defensive.

So what type do you belong?


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    Aug 10 2011: I don't justify mine in either way. It is totally wrong to be selfish and try my best to change it. Maybe it is a mental evolution process. First we realize that something is terribly wrong about our nature. Then we define it as selfishness. And at the later stages we will try to change it for the good of future generations.
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      Aug 11 2011: easier said than done...

      but still you must have something that you value in life which you dont want others to take.?

      anyway quite true. your point is change for the better.

      Good day sir!

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