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Nonlinear codification of information using computers

Computer seem to be mostly sequential / linear in how information is presented and processed. I find it very un-intuitive. Take TED for example, many of there presentations after a short time seem to drop off the edge of the world. Or we fail to see interrelatedness between presentations.

Information tends to be organic in nature . It changes and grows. Computers tend to be very ridged. They seem to fight how we function . They are not very intuitive.

The only example I have found that seems to function in a non linear way is the program VISUAL THESAURUS . It clusters words in a mind map way and shows how information is interrelated automatically. Think the same thing can be done with presentations.

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    Feb 23 2011: Thanks Pratik & Matt,

    Matt, video is a more powerful medium, so I will go with videos..... Third party links, yes, good idea Matt.....

    In addition to this, I wonder if there could be a sort of thesaurus function where in the thesis listed and can call up other thesis which are related in and outside Ted. Ted could uses it to ask others to come in and add to the theme.
  • Feb 23 2011: Hi Konrad ,
    I think it is a step towards a right direction , it relates to something what tim-berners-lee quoted as an idea of semantic web.
    Thank you for sharing this information .
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    Feb 21 2011: I like this idea, Konrad, it would be pretty neat to have an interactive system that displays the connections between TED Talks. Would you want it as images or as headlines that link to the videos? Or something different? Perhaps then within the organic structure each headline/ image would have a series of third party links that relate to the Talk?