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Help with my research on TED Presentations/Slides: need recommendations on impressive TED talks with effective slides

I am passionate about how visual representations can help speakers better convey their ideas. A lot of TED talks have nice presentation slides to go with them, so it makes the talk easy to understand and more engaging.

I've been writing presentation analysis on TED talks, so I hope to get some recommendations from the TED community to see what you guys would recommend as your most impressive TED talk with slides!


Links to my previous articles:

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    Aug 13 2011: Rosling has some great pieces!
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      Aug 17 2011: Thanks, Erik. Yes, Rosling does have some great slides to go with his presentations!
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    Sep 5 2011: Are you trying to create slides for presentations or are you looking for presentations that have slides in them? I think it would be great if we could build small communities offline to meet and discuss TED ideas.......among other similar ones. For now we can have great speakers talking at a time when we can find it convenient to meet.
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      Sep 6 2011: I am more of looking for TED talks with presentations :)
  • Aug 17 2011: Yeah, Rosling has pretty good ones as well as McCandles.
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    jag .

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    Aug 9 2011: Hey, check out my favs. Cant remember which ones have slides (Ken Robinsons dont). Good Luck :)