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Do the "dots line up" because there is an underlying theme to the subjects we choose to pursue, or is it that we seek to integrate?

Steven Jobs in his commencement address encourages Stanford's graduates to follow their curiosity and interests and to have faith that the "dots will line up." He says we cannot see how they will line up in advance but we should have faith they will line up in hindsight.

This raises to me the question of whether the dots line up because there tends to be an underlying theme or aesthetic to the interests and areas that draw each of us, or rather, do we have a natural drive to integrate, or to be integrated in the way we live, that makes us seek and find ways to connect our dots?

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    Aug 16 2011: Hello Fritzie, from what I understand from Steve Jobs perspectives, the underlying themes are simplicity, beauty and excellence and within groups of people the dot connects perfectly. There are also ways that our diversity connects ultimately to the ideals of freedom, justice and truth. Our world today needs justice in basic rights and sustainability and all these are possible by expounding the power of truth and freedom with our individual capacities ignited by the power of love, hope and trust.