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is it important to have good grades for good job or it it important to have good talent for good job despite of low grades?

i am a victim of such kind treatment, my skills in Java programming and Linux DBA are good and i have an experience of 4 years , even though i have such experience when ever i intend to give an interview , my C.V is rejected because of my Engineering Percentage (57%).


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    Aug 9 2011: I think that if a person is working in a field that they are passionate about, thier grades will reflect that because no matter how successful a person is, there is always more to learn. If thier schooling coinsides with thier passion, then they will have a passion for learning the materials. If a person is passionate about something it usually involves some type of talent that they have, therefore, they are all linked. I go to school ft, work full time (with overtime most weeks), and still have time to volunteer in the community. This is why it is so important to find a job that you love, because when you spend your days, doing what you love, it isnt like work at all!

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