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is it important to have good grades for good job or it it important to have good talent for good job despite of low grades?

i am a victim of such kind treatment, my skills in Java programming and Linux DBA are good and i have an experience of 4 years , even though i have such experience when ever i intend to give an interview , my C.V is rejected because of my Engineering Percentage (57%).

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    Aug 9 2011: i agree with kate and Marija.. .. there are many like me who are still struggling for their jobs despite of their experience. But i love the way American People respect the talent.. this has also lead me to now plan for doing my Masters In USA.. i hope i get my Visa for my masters..
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    Aug 9 2011: I think that if a person is working in a field that they are passionate about, thier grades will reflect that because no matter how successful a person is, there is always more to learn. If thier schooling coinsides with thier passion, then they will have a passion for learning the materials. If a person is passionate about something it usually involves some type of talent that they have, therefore, they are all linked. I go to school ft, work full time (with overtime most weeks), and still have time to volunteer in the community. This is why it is so important to find a job that you love, because when you spend your days, doing what you love, it isnt like work at all!
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    Aug 9 2011: I would always prefer experience over grades because I've seen a lot of "not so intelligent" people get good grades. Hey, even the Rain man could memorize and repeat the whole phone book!! Knowing how to apply the knowledge is the real skill.
  • Aug 11 2011: i believe in talent. u probably have to show more passion towards wat u do and why .........
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    Aug 9 2011: Good grades are helpful to get better job but to sustain career growth, one has to have talent without it, one can no longer progress.