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How can we inspire kindness and understanding on the internet in forums such as this one?

It seems common in conversations on most forums degrade into arguments. what is different about in person debates that keeps a civil tone in a conversation.

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    Aug 9 2011: When a person is kind and understanding, thier posts will reflect it. Understanding in itself is educating yourself on different views. If a person chooses to degrade then they shouldnt be in the forum that has kindness and understanding in it, at all! There are ways to express your voice, and opinion, and also questioning others, without being insulting, degrating, or rude. When people express kindness, concern for others, and a loving attitude for serving others, then we must meet..introduce ourselves, and network with each form the ultimate team!
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    Aug 9 2011: Perhaps the first step is a respectful, or at least a pleasant, salutation and/or valediction.