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Has al-Qaeda successfully brought US economy to the brink of collapse?

The current economic climate in the US appears to resemble certain political agenda outlined by al-Qaeda. Following the destabilisation of the global stock market in the 9/11 attacks, the US has drowned itself in debt (despite absurd amounts of public money continually being funneled into foreign policy expenditure), and is obviously now in very hot water.

* Here is an interesting article regarding 'econo-jihad':

Make of it what you will, but to me it seems that capitalism is specifically being targeted, with an intention to collapse US economy to the point where it can no longer pursue political, military, or financial interests in the Middle East.

** Just did a quick edit because I realised my original explanation went a little off track!

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    Aug 8 2011: Hello Anna Brown,

    I don't think so. As I recall from "Inside Job" (documentary that explains the causes of this economic crisis), this crisis has been caused by lack of financial regulation, excess confidence in market's stability and criminal behavior in Wall Street.

    This has been a crisis caused by some powerful americans, and we know their names as they are either arrested or were appointed as guilty/ those in the cause of this crisis in the documentary.
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      Aug 8 2011: i agree more with this. though i would think the u.s goverment would rather have al-qaeda blamed instead.

      BUT the war has cost, well, a lot of money.
      • Aug 9 2011: Further, Germany is also contributing in combating Al-Qaeda, but their economy is growing. We cannot give credit Al-Qaeda conversely.
  • Aug 8 2011: Not USA in economic terms enough to cause the recession, because there are other economies also suffering the recession where they have got almost nothing to do with Al-Qaeda.

    The world has experienced recession before Al-Qaeda too.

    Yes, Al-Qaeda has harmed the images of countries like Afghanistan, Muslims, and taken innocent lives all over the world.