Evgenia Baydikova

The University of Sydney

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What is the future of social learning and corporate training?

Are current corporate training and learning programs as effective as they can be? What role does technology play in this and how is the way we learn changing? Examples? Experiences? Suggestions?

  • Aug 8 2011: Greed. Unrestrained.
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    Aug 13 2011: Enough with sitting still in classrooms and lecture rooms reading books and listening to speakers. It's an inefficient model for kids, and it's an inefficient model for adults. Get up, get out in the community. Do something: a service project, a Habitat house, get hands on to apply whatever it is you need to learn about. Teaching team building? Run an in-house Lego Robots competition. Working to improve public speaking? Take turns giving tours to school kids to learn about your company. Use active, whole-body, problem-solving. Provide rewards for not just correct answers, but creative ones.