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Can someone help the deaf community?

I have friends who regularly complain about the lack of Hollywood movies to provide them with a chance to go see feature films because of the lack of subtitles. They feel discriminated against. Can a SAP be developed whereby they purchase a specila receiver? Many people in America would be hugely grateful.

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    Aug 21 2011: Maybe Lil' Jon would be able to help out?

    I think if I was deaf, I would just go and download the movies off torrents, most of them are subtitled if you want to download that version of the film. That way you don't need to give financial support to an industry that doesn't support you in return.
  • Aug 8 2011: This is a really good idea. I did not intend that a separate theater was needed. Only that headphones can suffice for the majprity of hearing impaired. The implementation of your idea seems worth pursuing though. Any thoughts on which TEDsters to try to contact?
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    Aug 8 2011: What about subtitles that are only visible when you wear special glasses? This way they don't need to use a separate theater but can sit with their non-deaf friends.