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Is there a way to Change Americas usage to Bio-fuels and Diesel while minimizing Gasoline usage?

I am wondering why it is that all of Europe has gone to using Diesel while the USA is still using Gasoline and being so Dependent on Foreign oil. Is there a way to be less Dependent and start our own Bio-Fuel Program where we can kill many birds with one stone. Create jobs by letting us grow materials, process these materials, refine these materials, and deliver and use these materials around the Nation. Become less dependent on foreign nations by doing so while at the same time become a strong country with a world leading Economy once again.

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    Sep 7 2011: Want something done? Gotta do it yourself. I've really come to value this advice. I recently read about the owner of a major pizza franchise in St. Louis who got into bio fuel with his own money and drive to do something different and important. Very exciting to see someone take on projects like this even if it's out of their normal comfort zone.
  • Aug 7 2011: Another great link on turning Algae into fuels is here:
  • Aug 7 2011: Something along the lines of what I am talking about is this type of crop growing:

    I do not work for or know anyone from this company, nor do I own stock in them. I have been following them since they started and saw that they offer something unique.
  • Aug 7 2011: Thanks for commenting! I would like the US to go above and beyond our normal production of crops so as to not tap into our food sources. An example could be a new program which helps farmers grow crops in the off seasons. I am also hopeful about new technologies! I can not wait until we find a viable way to turn algae into bio-diesel. I am also excited to see new farming techniques incorporated! An example is vertigrow systems where agriculture is grown vertically in cells on a type of hydroponic system!
  • Aug 7 2011: There is already significant production of ethanol based fuels within the United States.

    I found it somewhat interesting, years ago, that the mandate to produce more ethanol from corn caused a surge in corn commodity prices causing a depression in Mexico which is or was reliant on the importation of cheap corn.

    It is hard to feed people when the food is burned in engines.