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Help a TED Fellow with Research: Impact of Mobile internet on emerging economies

My current research focuses on how mobile internet creates opportunities for better quality of life, improved productivity and economic growth in developing world. I am looking for case studies that are specific to latin america and africa. Pls share your thoughts.


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    Aug 11 2011: I think a great case study to look at would be the Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus' work in Bangladesh. His microfinancing operation that gives small loans to woman entrepreneurs gave way to great, unexpected consequences. One woman used her loan to start a cell phone rental service. Since cell phones were not yet ubiquitous in that particular of Bangladesh, many people relied on this woman to handle business outside the village. Many other women started similar businesses. Cell phones, of course, need electricity in order to charge. The women thus preceded to campaign for electricity in rural areas. A couple years later, Bangladesh went from being in a country with little electricity to a country in which electricity was enjoyed by most. I only heard this story when Mr. Yunus came to my city for a speaking engagement. If you would like to use this story as a case study I would recommend that you pick up his book, "Banker to the Poor." It might have far more details in there. Hope this helps! Good luck with your project

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