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Should gay people be allowed to get married?

That's right, the big question.

How do you feel about people being homosexual (girls and guys) and why?

Do you think that the individual should be able to have the same rights as everybody else, as in join the military?

What are your feelings why a gay couple should or should not get married, plus reasons?

Personal note: personally I am not gay, but I am for gay rights and feel that people who choose to be homosexual should be able to live no different to anyone else.

This is a touchy subject and I would appreciate if everyone would have respect for other people ideas and beliefs.

Thank you,


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    Aug 8 2011: "Big question" really? Keep asking....
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      Aug 8 2011: Please specify?
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        Aug 8 2011: Look at animals (because we are animals) same sex is in nature, this shouldn't be a big question, it is a "big question" due to ignorance and that is all.

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