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who mainly will benefit from online dashboard that updates your personal data directly to your linked institutions and companies (utilities?

more and more people (professionals, students...) are moving globally, facing the problems of changing their personal data and communicate this to the relevant institutions and companies everytime.

what's about having an online system that do it for you? who principally will be interested in it as end-user? which business might be interested in developing/providing this service? which are the risks for businesses and end users?

  • Aug 8 2011: It will be great if there is "once-and-for-all" system so that I do not to fill in the form each time when I travel. I think schools, universities, hotel, hospital airline, bank, Government and citizens can all be benefited from it. Definitely Google or IT firms may have interest to develop this service.
    • Aug 9 2011: which kind of issues do you think this service may hide?
  • Aug 8 2011: Intersting thing...

    as a professional I have to moved a lot facing a lot of burocracy. Not to mention everytime I changed my phone number, ended up having a mobile phone for every country i have been in relation. and how many copies of my favourite magazine I would have not lost when changing my address.
    • Aug 9 2011: do you think that companies that access to your personal service may tailor their services to your personal needs better?