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Can we someday develop a technology to transmit a live video stream by using light so we can have one big transmission domain over the world

This way, we will be able to transmit any event occurring, anywhere, anytime around the world, by using a series of smart chips, converting the light beams into something understandable by another smart chips on a receiver, in addition to that, we will be able to communicate by using this method, which will be a very cheap one, compared to the ones that we have right now!!!


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    Sep 5 2011: this will be awesome and will prevent any country from hiding what is going on.
    this technology will send the truth.

    God bless Syria
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      Sep 5 2011: Thanks a Lot, and yes exactly, there would not be anyway to hide the truth anymore, as many regimes are doing now, in this case the world will be one big screen, and everyone will be able to watch wherever, and whenever.
      God Bless Syria....

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