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How and what project would you lead a group of students to accomplish?

Explain what projects you would choose and why.

Explain how you would empower students to engage in this project.

Explain how you would implement this project.

  • Aug 8 2011: If you haven't heard of the world peace game I highly recommend you check it out. It is a beautiful concept and very relevant.
    • Aug 8 2011: Thanks Skylar I vant wait to see the documentary.
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    Aug 7 2011: Poetry critique. Music appreciation. Songwriting.

    Record a song and share online.

    Follow it up with a video.

    Talk about the possibility of an album.

    Tour. Planned and organised. Budget. Equipment. Transport. Advertising and get the idea.

    I would get involved, facilitate the difficult parts (connecting with local print media, helping with fundraising, guidance as required). Calling on parents of students and wider community yields a surprising (or not) amount of support.
    • Aug 7 2011: I think this is a wonderful idea it combines students working together on a fun creative project while giving theam an education on the new formats available in the world for spreading their work to a potentially global audience. Great skills for the emerging future!
  • Aug 6 2011: I have always desired to be a teacher but am not conventional enough for the most educational systems. I think that I would develop a vague idea and plan incorporating my subject study with a process and not the final result in mind but design even these to be flexible in nature and ultimately let the children decide. One example would be a wood shop project where the children are first asked "If you could build anything what would you build?" but tell them to think about and write down the answer draw it out brainstorm a little without sharing with the class just yet. Then encourage them to not think in terms of specificity or even reality but in terms possibilities and flexibility. Then every child is given free access to all of the tools and materials chosen by taking into account age group and skill level but with trust at the heart of the final selection and make sure there is more than enough to go around as well as choosing a space which is unencumbered. Allow students who wish to work alone to do so but encourage team building. Tell them to ask questions but not just directed toward you but the other students as well as themselves. Then make yourself available to help and supervise over the magic that you will surely witness. In the later stages of the project you can create side projects such as how many of these different creations be merged into one cohesive design. It is important that the children not be aware of this possible side projects until you decide it is time to try one and that is of course if you see a need for it at all. The reason being it could negatively influence their individual process and development of that process. This would hopefully allow the child to develop more dynamically and more in tune with their unique needs and desires. This would in turn allow the child to develop not just a deeper understanding of both themselves and the world around them, but also help develop a dialog between these two worlds. Thank you for reading.
    • Aug 7 2011: Thanks great nothing better than some hands on creation station time. I would suggest maybe for the final collaboration project to be put on display in your local community to help start a public dialogue on the importance of arts education for children, give the community a connection to what their supporting.
      • Aug 7 2011: I think that would be a great idea but I wouldn't make it the final anything because I wish to teach in terms of never ending change and growth and what better way than to have the project continually change and morph not to ever be forgotten nor neglected. I would have others help shape and reshape it over the coarse of time who knows were such a simple project might lead just like an ameba or a seed if you will. It would be like breathing life into the inanimate.