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Has Andrew Bird done a good job with his music, or is technology the only thing carrying him?

If you read the comments on this video, many of them is about Andrew Bird being lazy and some even says unproffesional.
So this confuses me a little, what is, a brilliant musician or a lazy technician?
3 things to think about:
- Is it unproffesional to work 5 months on 1 song, or does it show patience and passion?
- Do the music industry allow enough musician like Andrew Bird to be heard, so people can get used to this kind of music and what can be done if this isn't the case?
- Has the technology in music damaged or helped, and what are the pros and cons of using technology?


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    Feb 22 2011: That is an interesting question. I have to admit the first time I heard that TED actually had musicians perform I wondered when Andrew Bird was going to do a performance, and I am surprised it took so long. I have actually criticized Bird's work before for unoriginality but it is because I feel he reuses themes between albums a little much, not because I think he lacks talent. His style of playing is actually extremely difficult. Were he playing over pre-recorded loops then I would be more inclined to agree that technology was limiting him, but actively laying on top of yourself is no easy feat.

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