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Have I gone too far if I make suggestions about how to build a civilization?

To build a strong civilization we need many tools ; any suggestions ?

  • Aug 7 2011: The two most important things for the formation of a civilization is a strong imagination and action upon the conclusions derived from the imagination. (A natural process)

    Everything else forms around this foundation or seeks to tear it apart.
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      Aug 7 2011: What I understood from your words that we need only culture this is the only tool we can use to built a civilization ,
      because the culture is the (most Powerful) combination of imagination and hard work .
  • Aug 6 2011: Hard work. Compassion and empathy. The willingness to admit mistakes, and to express desires and needs. Pride and high standards. More hard work. Risk-taking. Strong community support networks and education systems. Nuanced communication skills. Acceptance of difference. The ability to see and accept our interconnectedness. Creativity. Hard work. Courage. Integrity.
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    Aug 7 2011: If you need the architecture you should check the TED Prize winner project http://openarchitecturenetwork.org/
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    Aug 7 2011: Can you please explain your main question a bit? Thought in your explanation you gave some suggestion so was curious but found rather you are asking for sugestions.
    Sorry for my dumbness , don't understand what you want from this debate, when the main premise (in question form) is not elaborated.

    My feeling is that civilization can't be build (as not clear about premise , afraid I am talking off topic !!) overnight just depending on some nice suggestions. Civilization is built through the diffusion of many things like culture, custom, art, philosophy , technology , politics, economics etc etc. It's not something someone decided on some deliverales sitting in a board room somewhere then execute to build a new civilization,
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    Aug 7 2011: men and women make civilzations. commerce and poverty and wealth make civilazations. military makes civilizations. religion makes civilzation. a common enemy makes civilazation. in my opinion civilazation is the downfall of man. village life is natures intention for us, this is why we are able to hate our family, but love our friends.
    • Aug 7 2011: "civilazation is the downfall of man"

      The above statement makes no sense to me and seems equivalent to saying that "thinking makes people stupid."

      Civilization comes about naturally from groups of humans living together. It is neither a good nor negative thing.
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        Aug 7 2011: i disagree sir, small hamlets and villages flourished long before the great imperial civilizations such as egypts, greece, and the romans. these were basically villages that were unified to become a imperial civilazation. america is following the formula today. if you have time, durant said a civilazation is not completely destroyed until it has destroyed itself from within. the fall of egypts power, the fall of the greeks, romans, franks, saxons, normans, crusaders, moors, muslims, mayans, aztecs, and most recently, the soviet union, have failed. i understand the people remain, but the ideas and morals of the civilazation have been replaced with the need for survival. civilizations are merely life embellishments. they give us more problems than progress. i suggest you read will durants the lessons of history or any of his eleven volume companion series, the story of civiliazation. very interesting stuff covering every known civilazation since we have been recording history. in summary, great civilazations are built to fall, just like towers. my personal hope is that the next great civilazation will enforce equality and abolish poverty and hunger, an issue that no civilazation ever has solved. villages on the other hand build unity and strength between small groups of people, while people in larger numbers tend to riot. i believe london just had one. id rather grow potatoes and pot, than have to throw rocks at elected officials because i was born in to a "civilazation". being a member of the human species comes with the responsiblity to think of the big picture or the entire planet and its welfare before we start to worry about how easy our life should be. and it usually becomes easier for the walthy and harder for the poor. it is also our responsobility to find harmony and balance in nature. large cities which eqaute to civilazations disrupt this balance. check out geoffry west's talk, the surprising math of cities.
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      Aug 7 2011: The definition of the civilization is more difficult than you might think. Scholars still debate exactly what must be present in a culture for it to be considered a civilization,For the most part, a group of people who live together in a single place, and have social, political, economic and religious structure qualifies as a civilization ,

      I can summarize the key points of Your opinion :
      A) Points related to what the civilizations need to survive
      1) men and women ( families )
      2) commerce , Fight against poverty and wealth
      3) strong military power
      B) Points related to how to built a civilization because I think that the culture it is the civilization is structure,so
      1) religion makes civilization.
      2) common enemy makes civilization
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        Aug 7 2011: "Civilazation is social order promoting cultural creation. four elements constitute it: economic provision, political orginazation, moral tradition, and the pursuit of knowledge and the arts. It begins where chaos and insecurity ends. For when fear is overcome, curiosity and constructiveness are free, and man passes by natural impulse towards the understanding and embellishment of life." Will Durant 1935.
        This is a dated outlook on civilazation, so i tried to take it further with my key points in a civiliazation and what frightens men so muchto bind together and create an empire. My problem with civilazations is that they always go hand in hand with imperial empires, usually with the support and leadership of an authoritative figure under the direction of a god(s). Einstein warned us that we should never tie morality to spirtual or authoritative figures lest some worry arise that they may not be as righteous as they claim. we do not need civilazations for life on this earth to continue. if anything the by products of civilazation outweigh the byproducts of living simply. if we know anything it is that civilazations are very complex and expensive. but small fishing villages in asia and south america have thrived for 1000's of years without the"help" of civilazation.