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How young is too young for social networking?

Kids nowdays have facebook accounts as soon as they start reading. I had to make a special group of my fb friends who are under age (mostly family friends' kids), so I can block certain content from them.
But today, a 10 year old girl posted some photos of her friends. The girls wore little clothes, one only a shirt, and the picture was titled: Be stupid!, as the famous jeans company campaign. I found the pictures disturbing... and got me thinking how easy it is for the creeps on the internet!
So, I'm asking you:
Should there be/is there a way to control the kids online, now when there are so many "security" features on facebook? It's easy to hide a picture/a post only from certain people (like your parents)
Is it really important for a 10 yo to have a facebook/myspace/google+ account?


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    Aug 12 2011: I got my first email account at 13 and that just lead to my friends and I consuming all our time on the computer. I don't think it's necessary for kids to have Facebook or any of the other social networks. I do think parents should limit their time if they do have one. It's wrong to let them put up whatever pictures they want. I know as a teen girl if I had, had a FB account at a young age I would have put up lots of inappropriate photos. Just because you aren't mature enough to realize what message you are portraying to people. Basically I think it's wrong for parents to let their 14 and under children have social networking. I even make mistakes on there and I'm 19. Old enough to at least think about things first. OK that's my speel.
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      Aug 14 2011: Its a fact that social networking has its own cons as well as pros for kids. But one thing that we are forgetting is that, this generation kids are quite curious. For instance i've seen my sis always ask me whether i'm chatting on facebook or doing something else. She's just a 2nd grader. We can all see the advent of the internet or social network age into our very own lives and I believe that prevention is not always the better option. We should make them understand about socialising from the day they ask us about it. Kids are nascent minds and they discuss about all stuff that they are prevented from doing among themselves. Therefore educating them is a better option!!!
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        Aug 15 2011: Oh yes!! I totally agree with you! Educating them can help them understand the implications of their actions.

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