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How young is too young for social networking?

Kids nowdays have facebook accounts as soon as they start reading. I had to make a special group of my fb friends who are under age (mostly family friends' kids), so I can block certain content from them.
But today, a 10 year old girl posted some photos of her friends. The girls wore little clothes, one only a shirt, and the picture was titled: Be stupid!, as the famous jeans company campaign. I found the pictures disturbing... and got me thinking how easy it is for the creeps on the internet!
So, I'm asking you:
Should there be/is there a way to control the kids online, now when there are so many "security" features on facebook? It's easy to hide a picture/a post only from certain people (like your parents)
Is it really important for a 10 yo to have a facebook/myspace/google+ account?


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    Aug 11 2011: In order to answer your question, you should consider the need of sharing "news" and "updates" when it comes to youngsters.
    Some feel that their Facebook Friends will appreciate a photo, a status, a joke, a video or so.
    Others think that they can grab attention. Some use it for making fun of others.
    Some enjoy sharing their "love" and other relationships. Everything is linked.
    Your main question ("How young is too young for social networking?") reminds me of a quote written by the Lebanese-Australian author called Jonar Nader that once said "How long does it take for your new friend to become your old friend?"
    Anyhow, I think that parents should have "sneak-peaks" from time to time and must check their children's social accounts such as Facebook; Myspace; Twitter; Youtube; Google+ and so on.

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