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Have you believed something - or the idea of something - and discovered you were mistaken, or wrong? What's your story & what did you learn?

Our world view often conjures up ideas or beliefs that seem to 'fit' within it. We often cluster beliefs with ideas or behaviors that 'sound' right to us. Every now and then, the ideas we hold are simply wrong, or at least need to be questioned. I'd like to hear examples of paradigm shifts that changed your world view or point of view. When have you been mistaken?

These experiences, or paradigm shifts, often surface through cultural beliefs, politics, in beliefs relating to sustainability and environmental preservation, or human behavior/relationships - but are certainly not limited to these. What have you assumed to be true or right, and suddenly found yourself doubting your certainty?


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    Aug 29 2011: My Idea about reading
    For a long time I thought that reading happens by starting from the first word right the way to the last word. Consciously understanding everything. Critiquing and questioning every sentence. Now I understand our mind more capable than that. It is not what on the paper that matter but what is happening in our head. You don’t need to read every sentence to extract information from a written material. And learning happens on layers. You can’t be expert right the way. To make this sustainable I question my ideas beliefs every day. Discuss with people, find out what the experts say ,Critically question your thoughts e.t.c.
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      Sep 1 2011: Interesting Bemnet. I like the example of reading - in the sense that, even that does not need to be done in a linear way. Reading is simply the catalyst, or behavior, to receive information - and our mind does what it needs to with it, in its time. I like that.

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