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To create a wiki-based website that becomes a go to portal if you want to help.

The website's purpose is to inspire and help websurfers do something that makes a difference in the world on something they truly care about and to be used as a platform to share information themselves,

Chris Anderson talks about combining crowd, light and desire in the referenced talk on How web video powers global innovation

crowd=people with common cause-burden
light=TRULY open web platform
desire=database of info, inspiring content, support to get you to achieve what you want.

I've contacted a few friends hoping they'll get back to me to help but I thought it's a good idea so why wait to put it out there, right?

I've typed some notes. These are 2 links to the notes via
if you think its interesting please use it, share it, comment, advise.

I think this can work if it satisfies these conditions
-it's easy to use, highly interactive, and maybe at first most importantly appealing to the eye
-it's free, all cc licensing material,no ads, wiki driven, cloud driven and you have the invaluable support of the internet nerd community giving technical advice to change the website for better and to get rid of spammers and other profiteers/pranksters
- it's primarily video based. Video allows you receive information on a broader, deeper level.

Thanks :-D


  • Aug 29 2011: has 900k+ likes on facebook.... maybe collaborate with them?
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      Sep 3 2011: Thank you Chris for that info, we'll check it out.

      Juan Jimenez also shared a similar website

      9.7 million members in over 193 countries with 49 million actions taken and growing.
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    Aug 24 2011: It is a good idea.I have been thinking about his. one thing I have noted is so many people are willing to share something they really know and passionate about .Even without monetary reward.are .The wiki model is good but it needs to be less formal and more interactive One thing to note. The vast majority of Internet users in Africa don't access it using computer.They are using their mobile phone.The content and platform has to accessible through mobile.
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    Aug 20 2011: Brilliant idea. The world is desperated for a platform like this!
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    Aug 16 2011: Sarah, we're also trying to develope a similar project maybe we can collaborate?
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      Sep 2 2011: Hello Joe, just saw you message.
      I would love to collaborate! I've read the conversation you posted, and your blog. It's exciting to see how many people are on the same wavelength. Since posting this I spoke to my computer-savvy friend on whether this is feasible. He highlighted 2 challenges:
      -MISSION people help when there is a clear and defined mission to the organization. This may be hard to do if you want to have a very broad and comprehensive resource
      -COSTS I think we both agree that video is the most effective way to "ignite" hearts into action; unfortunately bandwidth costs for video are pretty high. Trying to resolve this problem by putting all the videos through youtube, (or TED) may be dangerous because it means you are dependent on another platform. My friend suggests that wikipedia would have never flourished if it had been created within

      We have to make sure we are not reinventing the wheel.
      There are "philanthropic" organizations that have established what the priorities are
      Some do collaborate with each other to help more effectively
      Some do use video to inform and motivate others to act
      Some do use wiki websites. In fact there's wiki websites about "philanthropic" wiki websites.
      The clue is to aggregate and connect all that wonderful information online for anyone who needs it.
      Sales people say its' not just about the quality of the product, you have to make it easy to buy
      We have to make it easy to help others.
      This guy developed software that allows for the creation of hyperlinks between all photos shared on the internet, based on the keyword tags on the content of each image, where it was shot, with what camera, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if every time I read an article or watched a video thatiinspires me I could very quickly find out who is involved in this project, what resources they used and the best way I can contribute based on my unique skills?
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        Sep 3 2011: Thank you for your interest Sarah. I agree the mission should be drafted in a way that it converges our perceptions. For costs, I think that there are many virtually free resources available today, for a start. The administration cost would grow in relation to the value raised by this collaboration.

        Let's keep in mind that there there 2 common ways to contribute. First is to ignite our personal lives and increase the value of our core powers (to love, to hope, to trust, etc.) with simply our personal and professional relationships as key "ingridient", second is our direct contribution thru NGOs and government participation.

        We're now mapping our ideas thru I'll send you the link and I would love to see your unique perspective.
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          Sep 3 2011: Great websites and advice! Thanks guys.
          Looking forward to that link on mind42

          Speak to you soon Joe!