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Whether we need to use global aid for poor only or to train them to discourage corrupt politicians of their country?

Do the international community keep on aiding poor with financial help and medical help only or train and enable them to discourage their corrupt politicians coming to power and stop them to take away international aid for their vested interests?

If we need 50% of international aid to train the poor to discourage corrupt politicians, they will able to sustein themselves very quickly. What do you say?

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    Aug 5 2011: I think the religious and community leaders in such poor nations would be the perfect ambassador of change, they should be invited to the some neutral countries and help them shape a vision to teach innocent poor in their countries to stop voting for corrupt politicians and make them educate and fearless to raise voice against those corrupt lot.
    As our gread Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel said, "The person who tolerate injustice is more guilty then who commits injustice towards others".

    Second action should be, the aid should not be handed over to the govt. representative of such poor nations but it should be given in installment against estimated cost for certain objective towards poor' help and testimonials must be collected before releasing further aid. To monitor these action we should choose best scholars of the world no matter of their country origin.

    Third, there is international police who issue red corner notice to some bad criminals, there should be an international court to lodge complain against corrupt politicians so people across world can lodge case against them.

    One we enable under privileged with financial and human right freedom, then they will quickly learn trade to sustain their life on their own.

    And make sure that the same poor do not lineup again for further help! Because once you feed any one without any responsibility or exchange of something constructive, we will be un intentionally help them to be in the same dismal state of life.
  • Aug 5 2011: Interesting question. I think using some of the aid to education general population about their right to participate politics to ensure their interests are being met and politicians do not abuse their power is one way.

    Another effective solution I think is to support local news/investigative reporters/organizations that allow them to discover corruption and support laws that allow greater transparency of the government actions.
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    Aug 4 2011: An interesting and important question, Bakul. In what ways do you suggest training people, and how do you suggest aid organizations bypass the corrupt politicians?