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Brainstorming Uses of Augmented Reality

Brainstorming Uses of Augmented Reality
What are the most practical and innovative possibilities for augmented reality?

There are several things which make this technology very accessible and useful: convenience, mobility, affordability, and above all the ability to translate organic human gestures into iconic controls.

What's more, this technology can be used to provide us with useful information, and different mediums of communication. It occurred to me that augmented reality technology could be used to track the hands and fingers of someone who needs to communicate with sign language. These movements could then instantly be translated into legible text, which could be read by anyone the user is interacting with. Better yet, this text could be read allowed by software and then amplified by a speaker or headphones.

Could it be used in cars? Could it be used to study human behavior; shopping habits, physical health, social interaction?

The point is, this technology seems to provide no limits in useful applications. But if there's one thing that sells a product it is a niche in a specific market. What are the best uses for this technology that you can think of?

For more information on augmented reality view the videos on sixth sense technology and google Microsoft skinput hands free device controllers.