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What is the psychological interpretation of dreams..?

Dreams are something that are most likely associated with the psychological interpretation of an individual,... why is it so difficult to elucidate the psychological response to dreams... why is the interpretation of dreams very difficult?

  • Feb 25 2011: Interpreting your dreams can be a lot of fun. As we’ve said, it can also give you valuable insight.
    Dreams are like coded messages from your unconscious mind. When you decode them, you gain access to a wealth of intuitive wisdom.

    Remember that only you can interpret your dreams. Many people have published "Dream Dictionaries" that describe what each part of the dream symbolizes. Actually, the same dream can have infinite meanings, depending on the person who dreamed it. The important thing is, what does it mean to YOU?

    Interpreting dreams isn’t something you can pick up and become an expert at right away. It takes time and practice.

    What to know more about that ? You can read this e-book on "How To Interpret Your Dreams" ( )
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    Feb 20 2011: Dreams are result of brain attempt to bring context to sensations during sleep caused by defragmentation data of brain plus outer sensations.
    Any dreams person sees is a part of his/her conscience, so some psychotherapists use it as a base for problem solving.
    And after you know something, it becomes a part of your conscience so it can be used to solve anything too. That's why dreams, storytelling, positioning are counted usually as preference.
    Interpretation of dream may be difficult cause person resides in his/her own world using same questions and answers going in circles, to go out of which intervention may be used in a form of another person or anything.
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    May 13 2011: watch richard linklaters WAKING LIFE
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  • Apr 6 2011: According to Jung dreams are unconscious elements of our psyche coming into contact with our conscious. Dream interpretation is very tricky, the majority of the time the "message" we are trying to convey to ourselves comes in the form of symbols or symbolic experiences. Many native and indigenous cultures share dreams and interpretate them for each other almost as a ritual every morning, as they believe there to be important things to be learned about ourselves. Jung spent decades analyzing dreams and came up with some interesting stuff, to say the least.
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    Feb 28 2011: Freud have some times ago gave an interpetation to the dream.......................the dreams are our wishes that are kept in unconcious by us (from different reasons) , when we are sleeping we can't control our unconciousness and the whishes come out taking the form of a dream.
  • Feb 21 2011: My mother is not a professional but she does interpret dreams. If I go to her with a dream I've had the previous night, sometimes she responds with, "I think you should stop eating pizza before you go to bed." I feel as though dreams are difficult to interpret depending on 1) the complexity of the dream, and 2) who has the dream.

    She used to teach theater in a high school, and sometimes her students would tell her about their dreams. One student might have a really simple dream, whereas another student might have an incredibly complex dream. Like I said, it all depends on the person having the dream.