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What are the important thing Startups should focus on?

If someone starts a Startup then on which things he should focus on.

  • Aug 5 2011: Good question.

    I think at the beginning one has to have a simple but clear business plan so that you and others agree on what you are aiming for and stay focused. Can you describe in a sentence what your business is about?

    Find the right people to join the team. This is very hard because capable partners is usually hard to find at the beginning of the startup. Also you need not only technologists but also sales/marketing.

    Know your market and user needs. Prioritize what is the most important thing to do first.

    What you should NOT focus on is how the technology will support your growing business (something to worry about when time comes), overly complex negotiations about shares between partners, copying everything that competition is doing, making product/service perfect (wait for user feedback and iterate often).

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    Aug 4 2011: For the first nine months you care for the start up like a child very carefully and nurture with special skill set development. then start expanding your work base, customer base as much as you want.