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We all love TED and support it. I think it is a big deal that the 1000th talk has just been posted. Should we celebrate?

I mean it is amazing that we can stop saying 900+ talks and now say that there are over a thousand talks to be viewed! I was hoping that the video for today would have been another check in from TED admin talking about this landmark event and thanking us for our support. I love TED and have been diligently getting all my friends hooked. It is a great institution and this calls for a celebration!


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    Aug 4 2011: I just discovered this website 4 days ago. And have jam packed 40 talks in this time. And have learned more then I did in all of school. (Mostly because I was to busy chasing girls ;D) But this has been the greatest discovery on the web for me personally. I enjoy this website a great deal. I became hooked instantly! And it does call for a celebration! I am very much looking forward to the future content on TED for years to come. :D

    - Jamie

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