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What would your last status update be?

Once it's out there, it's out there forever, which means we have the ability to control our legacy. Leave those last words for future generations that follow. If you were to die tomorrow, what would your status update be? What would be the last thing you want the world to know? How would you leave your legacy?

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      Aug 4 2011: Hi Kate! TED is such a great community. Have you considered that saying the things you say outside of TED could make an impact on those who aren't in the TED community? I wonder how much of a difference you could make if you shared it with the world... :)
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    Aug 5 2011: To be honest: I don't care about what future generations think of me.

    But when it comes to a message to my friends I would have to quote a Heavy Metal band (Megadeth):
    "As you read this know my friends
    I'd love to stay with you all
    Please smile, smile when you think about me
    My body's gone that's all"