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If the world shared a common language, would religion be obsolete?

Call me crazy, but I have this idea that all religions in essence are all the same. Through the evolution of language and culture, humans have interpreted the same idea differently in order to understand spirituality in the context of their lives and their circumstances. And as human beings, we love to label, categorize and give everything names--Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, etc.--which eventually divides and creates the "other". What if we all shared a common language? I'm not talking English, Spanish or Chinese. I'm talking about love, transformation, peace and acceptance.

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    Aug 9 2011: its funny how that is the world of democracy today is playing peoples emotion for support, than making lots of back room deals. if i had to guess not much emotion is involved in the deals, just way too much logic.
    its a nice example because it shows the two sides to emotion (which is extremely undefined in this discussion).
    I love you all.

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