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Have you ever been cyber stalked?

Social media is great. It brings people together, it opens a conversation, it puts us in the eyes of the world, it gives us a voice. All this is valid but, what happens when the eyes that social media puts us in front of aren’t the friendly kind? What happens when being transparent in social media opens us up to harassment, abuse and virtual stalking? Unfortunately stalking can be extremely difficult to prove, this makes it more difficult to stop it. So how can we protect our accounts from these people? What can we do if it goes from the virtual to reality?

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    Aug 3 2011: Good question. Honest answer: This is the risk or cost that is associated with participating in social media. If you put your business out there, you might have to deal with the consequences of being "cyber stalked". Even if you put everything on private, it's not guaranteed that you'll be protected. Personally, I cyber stalk. Of course I don't bully, harass or harm anybody. But I figure that if someone is going to Tweet, they want me to know. It's important to be educated and aware of the pros and cons of being apart of such communities. Once it's out, it's out. Which means, we MUST be responsible for what we put out.
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    Aug 17 2011: Have no fear! Cyber-stalking is actually quite easy to prove. All you need to do is screen-shot the stalker's provocative messages, email them back to him / her & threaten legal action if they continue to send such messages. If a stalker is calling you, just use a smartphone to record the calls! Presto problem solved!

    Take the power out of their hands!
    He'll be entered into a predator database & fully prosecuted if he messes with anyone ever again.

    I've successfully fought off several stalkers! Not my own stalkers mind-you.
  • Aug 4 2011: I think the stalked have to take responsibility in the first place, they talk to whoever at their own risk and get involved deeper than they should. But there are always two sides to everything in my opinion. As for protecting accounts that's the responsibility of the site in question. Social networking sites see themselves as a self policing vehicle i believe, wheres as banks and financial institutions have a vested interest in security. Virtual to reality ? well it's all virtual in cyberspace, stalking in reality would be much more worrying, you can't just shut the machine down and it goes away, like you can in cyberspace.
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    Aug 3 2011: I've never been cyber stalked, but I am concerned about how to warn my 9 yo daughter to avoid being cyber stalked and/or cyber bullied
  • Aug 9 2011: Are we saying that everybody on Twitter are stalkers? Social networks are designed to encourage people to follow others. Harassment , or abuse, very difficult to distinguish from debate, point of view or just discussion, we don't always hear the answers or replies we want. If one feels harassed or abused, it's only electronics move on I'd say, or as indicated by Anon Ymous (good name) you can always re-invent yourself.

    Accounts need to be protected by the web designers. This site has little or no security at all - nothing is verified. But, I don't think it was intended as another facebook or twitter, so maybe they don't feel the need.

    How many replies to this question are from real people? It is what it is, I'm afraid.
  • Aug 6 2011: All good comments. To be stalked they have to know where you are, if they know where you are, then you can stop it easily. You become invisible to them on that site, social network etc. If your not prepared to change your identity on that site, then your not really that concerned about being cyber stalked. I feel if your being stalked then you have also done sometime to cause this, maybe we all have to look at the virtual world, as just that, it's virtual, not real. It's our choice to get involved and difficult things gone on but, we're all to fault for encouraging the idea of social networking, but we shouldn't complain to much when it goes wrong. The virtual world means things can change or be changed easily, it's a choice, you have to decide what's best in the long run for yourself.
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    Aug 4 2011: Keep your outlook more simple and less attractive and provocative. this is how you can avert it.
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      Aug 5 2011: What did you mean?
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        Aug 5 2011: Ana Maria that words from Mr Bakul are out of topic. Keep your enchanted personality and respectfully I confirm your beauty. (No hagas caso de esas palabras, tu eres bella y respetuosamente lo confirmo.)
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      Aug 5 2011: Bakul please be well and polite with the lady. And keep off your misoginy comments.
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    Aug 3 2011: Ana maria la pregunta que haces es interesante solo si tomamos en cuenta que las pantallas limitan el contacto real entre los que estan navegando. vivimos en una sociedad de pantallas que nos aislan y algunas veces nos protegen pero tambien vivimos de emociones usadas o de intenciones caducas ya que para expresarnos en el ciberespacio debemos construir una red. la emocion insatisfecha de un mensaje sin contestar puede conducir a los debiles mentales a una depresion. En realidad prefiero el contacto cara a cara y no el mensaje limitado de una pantalla. Tu estas en Milano, yo en Roma, voy con frecuencia a Milano...cuando podremos encontrarnos en el Duomo, en la Galleria?