Lori Blum-Fagien

Senior Executive Director of Preventive Healthcare and Wellness, Consultant - Health and Wellness

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Do you believe your Adult Stem Cells if stored will help you fight a debilitative disease providing you a better qualify of life or a cure

Numerous treatments around the world and current research studies indicate the future in preventive health is in storing not just our baby's cord blood at birh but storing our own Adult Stem Cells. Those of us in our 40s thru 60s never had the opportunity to collect or baby's cord blood. But we have a chance to collect our own stem cells to cure and help heal our own potential diseases in the future. As we age, it takes longer to heal because our cells become less potent as when we were younger. Never too late to collect stem cells now versus later. It's a better chance for healther tomorrow. Stem cells are proving to help us get through debilitative diseases like MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Cancers-like breast and brain...the list goes on. Is there a hesitation in collecting your own stem cells and if so why?

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    Aug 8 2011: Why do you feel that way? If you read articles about the progress of using your own stem cells vs embryonic cells would it then make a difference in how you felt about banking your own cells and your families?
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    Aug 28 2011: Hello Lori, I know I asked you earlier about adult stem-cells and you e-mailed me your reply, can you post what are the latest scientific advances in this field?
  • Aug 8 2011: No.