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If your teen is in crisis, struggling yet intelligent, would u remove them from school & send them to a character building boarding school?

Teens who are doing well academically in school yet troubled and in crisis fall through the cracks of most private and public schools. Their path is off track and they need to be diverted back to their journey they deserve. Each teen has their own unique destiny and potential. When a parent feels the loss of "parenting" and communication skills breakdown in the family & between the parents, whether married, divorced, or blended is challanged when a teen performs academically well in school but the conflict at home is confusing the directed discipline of the teen. Would you remove your teen from the home and school environment? Rebuild your family communication with the siblings and your significant other? Do you know or believe in character building boarding school that teaches confidence, principals, values and core family values involving the entire family to rebuild a better future through open communication? Do you have experience or can recommend a boarding school like Hyde Schools as an alternative rather than a therapeutic program and knows that Hyde stands for teaching curiousity, humility, inspiration, honesty and confidence so your teen can become the leader you know they are; facing challenges as an opportunity versus a crisis.


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  • Aug 5 2011: Most people today have (had) a phase in their life that they would now call "being on the wrong track" - isolating a child from its environment and taking away its possibility to find its own way out will most probably turn out to have been a bad decision. Every human has to find his own way through life, your child included. The fact that the child still performs well academically is a very strong sign that it's dedicated to not letting its life go to waste. My tip: do not interfere - you might prevent your child from having the empowering experience of finding out what his track in life will be.

    (As a side point, you probably don't want to send your child to a conservative boarding school in these times - there will be a lot of society that'll change for the better, and a conservative approach is never a good approach in that light.)

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