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Is our destiny to be one world with one language?

Are we heading towards a world with one common language?
If you think so, do you believe that it will happen naturally (because globalization requires it) or because of one country's leading "soft power"?
Would it enhance international cooperation and promote better understanding between countries?

On the other hand, what would it mean for human cultures and civilizations?


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    Aug 18 2011: For me it's more about connecting and communicating than the language we use. If we can connect at a fundamental level so we 'get' where that other person is coming from, I don't care if it's sign language or silence. Martha Beck had shared how she really learned to understand her child through silence. It was about the spaces and what to do within them that brought them closer together.

    I live in a bilingual country and there is way too much discussion about which language to use or that we have to use both. There are language police in Quebec. That creates barriers rather than connection.

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