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Is our destiny to be one world with one language?

Are we heading towards a world with one common language?
If you think so, do you believe that it will happen naturally (because globalization requires it) or because of one country's leading "soft power"?
Would it enhance international cooperation and promote better understanding between countries?

On the other hand, what would it mean for human cultures and civilizations?


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    Aug 14 2011: I'm agreed with liela...
    but we can't say ..it's impossible.ya really it is very difficult..
    @Hugo Wagner..i am just against the fact that....One common language will enraise international co-operation and undersatanding...
    although we live in one-world...there are differnt people belong to differnt countries and culture.
    right!!!.NoW English is a universal language as said before...
    but it depends upon the case where we use ...like for science most of the terms belong to latin.
    secondly people living in a country would like to use their mother tounge.there is no doubt.
    so its nearly impossible to imagine idea as i think...

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