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Is our destiny to be one world with one language?

Are we heading towards a world with one common language?
If you think so, do you believe that it will happen naturally (because globalization requires it) or because of one country's leading "soft power"?
Would it enhance international cooperation and promote better understanding between countries?

On the other hand, what would it mean for human cultures and civilizations?


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  • Aug 7 2011: Well everyone, close whatever your reading and open your Orwell, time to master the Principles of Newspeak
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      Aug 7 2011: isn't Newspeak is the elimination of vocabulary within a single language in order to prevent ideas to be created cognitively? elimination of other languages would not eliminate certain ideas from being able to be relayed. it may be more difficult to talk about certain things like "the oneness of nature and man" in English but if there are really concepts to vast to be defined in a word then please post an essay on said concept. At the end of the essay choose a string of syllables and make that word mean something.
      • Aug 7 2011: My mistake, I thought Newspeak has an alternate function connecting english speakers to foreign language. Thank you for clarifying.
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        Aug 7 2011: Yes, it was similar to our current "Political Correctness" in that it aimed to stop people thinking in a certain way.

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