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Without spending money, how can I make the biggest impact on my community with 15 minutes/day?

As a mother of two with a full-time job, I find it hard to find the time to give back. I want to change, but need to be realistic about my availability. I would love to hear any suggestions you may have about giving back in short spurts. Bring it!


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    Aug 15 2011: I think that the biggest impact you can make on your community from where you are standing at, is to put most of your precious time into rising your two kids to be great influencers and world changers. Because families are indeed the building blocks of a community.
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      Aug 15 2011: Being a mom of two young children ages 2 and 4 who also has the full time job of French and Spanish teacher, i have to respectfully disagree with all the replies to this question that say mother's should focus solely on raising their children. Although I believe that this is the most important job in the world, as a mother myself, I feel it is also important for my children to see that I live a full, well-rounded life which includes living my dream! Yes, parenting well is the most important thing I can do for my young ones, but I believe it's good for my children to see that my husband and I love focusing some time each day on creating the positive change we wish to see in the world of education, which is our passion. Hopefully our children will reap the benefits of our work and will grow up understanding that they can and should follow their passions and focus some energy each day on creating change in the world!

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