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Without spending money, how can I make the biggest impact on my community with 15 minutes/day?

As a mother of two with a full-time job, I find it hard to find the time to give back. I want to change, but need to be realistic about my availability. I would love to hear any suggestions you may have about giving back in short spurts. Bring it!


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  • Aug 12 2011: You can just keep an eye out for someone who needs a hand in your day to day life, and give it to them rather than have a set "way" you spend your 15 minutes a day. Being kind and helpful rubs off, and gets "paid forward." (Studies have backed this up, and also shown that bad habits get paid forward too)

    So, short of time and money, just look for opportunities to pay forward cooperation, kindness, and compassion every single chance you get. It will probably be the biggest bang you can get for 15 minutes a day in term of impacting your community since every act of kindness or helpfulness will multiply itself.

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