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Who would you nominate among the TED community to give a talk worth spreading? In a virtual TED conference?

In our interactions with our fellow TEDsters, there are those who can converse very succinctly and clearly their ideas and you can sense that they have a marvelous perspective that you wish to hear or learn more.

Personally, I know that I can go through their comments and conversations and learn about this great TEDster but considering how long and varied the conversations are, it's rather overwhelming.

So the idea is why not "TEDsterize" your perspective? - present it in a 15-minute talk and give the gist of your biggest ideas that you think that is worth spreading?

Take Julian Treasure for example who have somehow mastered the science of sound, silence and listening and see it as way to transform our world. He also presented his ideas in websites, blogs and enterprise. What would be your specialty, your expertise or passion that you see that can transform our world?

Organizing an event takes a lot of effort and although it's all worth it, can we have a virtual TED conference for example, live talk, live streaming, live audience or group of audience? How can we present the dynamics of a live conference in the digital world?

For those who have interacted with me so far and know the kind of ideas that I'm spreading, you know that I would nominate every single TEDster to give a talk with my firm belief and assumption of our own individual greatness and passion. You and I know that that's not possible right now so let me nominate 5 Tedsters as an example:

Colleen Steen
Thomas Jones
Krisztián Pintér
Salim Solaiman
Scott Armstrong

(Edit: You can also suggest what topic or what is your impression based on your interactions. Please exclude my name as this conversation would be self-promotional though that itself is presumptuous (:>))


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    Aug 14 2011: Markus Fischer: Designer....
    one of my favouritess!!:))

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