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Who would you nominate among the TED community to give a talk worth spreading? In a virtual TED conference?

In our interactions with our fellow TEDsters, there are those who can converse very succinctly and clearly their ideas and you can sense that they have a marvelous perspective that you wish to hear or learn more.

Personally, I know that I can go through their comments and conversations and learn about this great TEDster but considering how long and varied the conversations are, it's rather overwhelming.

So the idea is why not "TEDsterize" your perspective? - present it in a 15-minute talk and give the gist of your biggest ideas that you think that is worth spreading?

Take Julian Treasure for example who have somehow mastered the science of sound, silence and listening and see it as way to transform our world. He also presented his ideas in websites, blogs and enterprise. What would be your specialty, your expertise or passion that you see that can transform our world?

Organizing an event takes a lot of effort and although it's all worth it, can we have a virtual TED conference for example, live talk, live streaming, live audience or group of audience? How can we present the dynamics of a live conference in the digital world?

For those who have interacted with me so far and know the kind of ideas that I'm spreading, you know that I would nominate every single TEDster to give a talk with my firm belief and assumption of our own individual greatness and passion. You and I know that that's not possible right now so let me nominate 5 Tedsters as an example:

Colleen Steen
Thomas Jones
Krisztián Pintér
Salim Solaiman
Scott Armstrong

(Edit: You can also suggest what topic or what is your impression based on your interactions. Please exclude my name as this conversation would be self-promotional though that itself is presumptuous (:>))

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      Aug 4 2011: Dear Iqbal,
      Either you believe I can perform miracles, or you are trying to punish me...LOL:>)
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        Aug 4 2011: Hello Colleen, I believe in the miracle of true love! I hope that this conversation is not "pushing" you to "organize" your thoughts (as I attempted earlier). I believe you can give a great talk or a debate with little or no preparation. Or we can simply continue having great and stimulating conversations.
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          Aug 4 2011: Hi Joe,
          I believe in the miracle of unconditional love too...maybe THAT'S the conversation we could have?

          My thoughts are what they are in any given moment and I don't choose to feel "pushed" about anything:>) Thank you for your confidence, and it looks like a good interesting project:>)
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          Aug 5 2011: Thank you Iqbal. Your words warm my heart:>)
          The "miracle" I participated in 20 years ago was supported by the beautiful unconditional love of many wonderful people, working together. It showed me what can happen when we combine our energies in a beneficial way:>)
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    Aug 6 2011: There are many members of the TED community that I would love to hear speak.
    Here is a priliminary list:
    Kate Blake- on loving humanity more completely
    Jimmy- on how to get the best out of TED websites
    Colleen- near death experiences
    Salim- lessons learned in parenting
    Matthieu- on conscousness (so I can really understand his position and learn from him)
    Christophe- on living a moral life day to day
    Shokrulla- How to really help Afghanistan
    Birdia- on beauty
    Lindsay- on Banking reform
    Andrea- On women's roles and women in business and academia
    Muhammad Aizat- Optimism and hope for young adults
    Duncan Mabona- Life in Malawi
    Michael McALeer- Intercultural understanding
    Joe Delsen- how to encourage your fellow human beings
    Luigi Varga- A peek inside the Vatican Archives
    Conte Di Salaparuta and the Baronessa - Labrynthine thinking
    Father delacourt - Shakespearian insights
    Jaime and Adrianna- The life style and joys of Mexico
    • Aug 7 2011: I take my responsibility if there is no better speaker than me for Afghanistan
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        Aug 8 2011: Shokrullah, I believe that your great passion and vision for Afghanistan is what makes you a great speaker. I think that there are many aspects about Afghanistan where we can challenge the Afghans and the world to do more in helping it's transformation. In time, I hope you'll find greater insights from TED talks and from deeper understanding of our world which is all made easier by our digital infrastructures.
        • Aug 8 2011: Dear Joe, thank you for being generous at me

          I lack so many things about Afghanistan to talk as speaker, but I have to fill those gaps by accepting some challenges. Millions of Afghans including children, women and men are suffering and tired of their life.

          Yes, I am learning a lot from TED. We have a lot of resources here in Afghanistan, what we need is idea to make the recipe.
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      Aug 8 2011: I don't think I know enough about consciousness to make it into a talk. But rest assured I've been thinking about what I could talk about.
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        Aug 14 2011: Great Matthieu! How's you short science fiction story project? It's amazing how you can undertake a challenging college course, be a great Tedster and let your imagination fly with your project. I'll be looking forward to your TED talk.
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          Aug 15 2011: Yes, I am balancing a lot of different activities these days, I am hoping to get a break in September. Hopefully then I can dedicate some more time to TED and my writing. I have many ideas but not enough time to write. The masters thesis comes first I'm afraid.
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      Aug 8 2011: Thank you Debra for that great list! It's excellent that you (and the TEDsters in this conversation) added the suggested topics it's makes our conversation more concrete so let me do also for my list above, based on my limited interactions of course and their profile:

      Colleen Steen - NDE and the convergence of beliefs and science towards fundamental unity
      Thomas Jones - insights from his globe-trotting work experience and the important role of China
      Krisztián Pintér - dynamics of freedom, democracy and capitalism
      Salim Solaiman - new ideas that can impact people positively
      Scott Armstrong - music, language and words and the power of "paradoxical" relevance

      How about you Debra? Salim had suggested "Women Rights, Peace & Humanity"
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        Aug 8 2011: Hi Joe, I felt honoured by Salim's suggestion!
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    Aug 3 2011: Great Idea!

    TEDxVirtual (or some other name)

    I think there are a lot of partners who would/could participate in this to do the technical support.
    Let's ask Lara Stein what she thinks about it.

    We can open the event to anybody who wishes to participate... though there might be some kind of voting to do some selection of the topics.

    - It can be live or a pre-recorded clip...
    - We can ask TEDx Organisers if they want to broadcast the stream for their crowds
    - As it is worldwide, we can aim for a 24h non stop session
    - Timing is quite easy: after 18' (or 12, 9,...) you just cut the connection ;-)
    - Show some TED (x) talks in between to fill possible empty spaces.

    I think a small technical team is needed to ready everything, check connection strength and timing...

    As for nominations:
    I think all big contributors of these conversations are possible candidates...
    But names right?

    - Birdia
    - Debra
    - Jimmy
    - Colleen
    - Matthieu
    - ... (I should go through the topics and replies to dig up some more names)...

    again, a great idea... very do-able.
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      Aug 4 2011: Chris, maybe we can start TEDxVirtual with TED Conversations Live Chat, has this idea been explored before?
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      Aug 4 2011: I think we need to add Christophe to that list!
  • Aug 21 2011: This is incredibly exciting! Before I even got involve in doing TEDx, I was absorbed by how these great talks generate equally amazing dialogues, and are able spark new ideas and initiatives which I see is the ultimate goal. Unlike the one I’ve initially posted( which didn’t take off because of the fact that TEDx has been mentioned and it basically focuses on the local voices within the community. But then, we have utterly interesting group of people who give invaluable contributions in TED conversations. I’m certain we have the tools to bring the spotlight on them. I’m beginning to realize that this is one of the reasons why I started a TEDx in the first place. A lot more TEDsters I wish to nominate, first off..

    • Birdia Tak Wai Chan – Poetry as your IWS
    • Genevieve Tran –TED talks to ponder on
    • Jimmy Strobl – TED bringing wonder
    • Nic Marks – Bliss
    • Debra Smith – Cognitive styles
    • Linda Woodard -The Real Art of Teaching
    • Meher Like Spring Rabbit - Pursuit of knowledge
    • Nicholas Lukowiak - The young Ken Robinson
    • Muhammad Aizat Zainal Alam - Faith
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      Aug 28 2011: Hello there Jam, can we e-mail our fellow Tedsters and ask them about this challenge of giving a talk? In what ways do you think we can collaborate and put more great ideas into action?
      • Aug 28 2011: I believe there's a need to focus on a single group/goal to avoid redundancy. I am personally moved by most of the insights provided by active users of TED conversations. The opportunity to hear more from them is an incredibly unique idea. It shouldn't escape us though that other TEDsters may not be on the same wavelength because they may concentrate on different facets of this platform. Getting in touch with those who responded to this great idea and were thus nominated might be the first step for this to take shape.
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    Aug 3 2011: Laurens Rademakers.
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    Aug 3 2011: In my opinion, every TEDster deserves to be nominated because each one of them has their story to tell.However, I will nominate only 2 of them. :

    Debra Smith
    Kate Blake
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      Aug 12 2011: Muhammad, I would love also to hear a great talk from you about the power of love coming form the unique perspective of your belief system. I believe that the ideas also of hope, trust, freedom, justice and truth can be expounded from the wisdom of your faith. What do you think?
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        Aug 13 2011: Yes, I agree with you Joe.It'll be wonderful to give a talk regarding what my religion taught me about love,hope,freedom,justice and everywhere in between.Sometimes I just wish people would understand what I am trying to bring to all the Tedsters here.I am trying to create a better understanding between us.This in turn, I hope, will bridge the gap between the Muslim and the non-Muslim world.If we all lived together in harmony regardless of our beliefs,wouldn't that be a stepping stone towards world peace?

        By the way Joe, this was an awesome idea.Thank you for creating it.Have a nice day.
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          Aug 14 2011: What is your general outlook of the muslim world (nations, leaders, developments, mindset, etc.) as it is moving towards convergence into our one global world? Can you give a general estimation or assessment of trends or movements involved in convergence instead of conversion? Keep in mind of course that I would ask the same question to any belief system.

          I would love also to hear your ideas about bridging the gap (in a separate conversation or blog?). Thank you my friend. (:>)
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        Aug 15 2011: @Joe, there is only one Islam but Muslims tend to deviate all the time.All those sects divide us.There are hundreds of groups that adhere to Islam.So why can't we just unite and move together with the rest of the world? What I am saying here is that Muslims should firstly unite under the light of Islam and develop ourselves so that we are able to focus on what's truly important.Today you can see that some Muslim nation are still living in the 15th century.Muslims should ask themselves,"until when should we continue to be like this?".The world keeps on moving and time waits for no man.My suggestion would be for the Muslims to take example from Japan.They are able to develop their nation but they still retain their culture,religion and tradition.Why can't we Muslims be like that?
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    Aug 4 2011: Hi Joe
    Very good topics you started.
    Really greatly honoured & obliged as I see my name in your short listed five !!!
    Very difficult job it is even than trying to select my top 5 with subject to talk

    Birdia on Poetry & Art
    Richard Dawson on Logic & Reasoning
    Tim Clogan on Science & its impact on humanity
    Joe Delsen on Power of Love
    Debra Smith on Women Rights, Peace & Humanity

    More names are in my head but restricting to 5 for the time being
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      Aug 3 2011: Iqbal, I would nominate S.R. Ahmadi too. I admire his tenacity in his discussions. I was trying to follow the conversation on "Proving Koran" and you know how long it went. Based on my short conversation with him he did state the following:

      "Wisdom and science and other tools can find truth. But each have errors and limits."
      "I try only spread ideas and truth from Koran and have minimum sayings from myself. If there is something from myself it is my personal mistake"

      My invitation to S.R. would be this: Our own belief system or principles has wisdom and truth when it can take any other perspective and see its translation into our own, realizing our fundamental unity. If seeing fundamental unity is not yet possible, let's talk about our mutual interests: freedom, justice, truth (wisdom and science) and basic rights (food, shelter, education, work, security). When the time comes to give the actual talk to a diverse group such as TED, the challenge is to translate our "truth" into the universal language of love, hope and trust and clear scientific insights.

      How about you Iqbal, do you feel you are now ready to give a talk worth spreading?
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      Aug 3 2011: Was thinking about S.R. too

      Although I do not agree with a lot of what he claims, I do think he has an idea worth spreading.
  • Aug 3 2011: It will be important to know on what topics too.

    Colleen Steen
    Debra Smith
    Joe Delson

    I am keen about following topics:

    “You have lost it even you have one the WAR"
    "The voice of illiterates"
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      Aug 3 2011: The general topic is "an idea worth spreading" TED-style. My suggestion would be to follow the example of Julian Treasure - to see aspects of our lives as a way to transform our world. In our complex world, I think that we need to highlight the principles that's most relevant in our specific situations or in situations we most find ourselves in.

      I do see TED as an anti-thesis of the information overload that our information age also brings. TED and Wikipedia actually. I would challenge Google to support TED in big ways because the "Google phenomenon" is the exposition of the power of information and TED and Wikipedia could be seen as the simplification of disparate information.

      When I saw how long our TED conversations could go, I felt that it is in itself an anti-thesis of TED. When I interacted with our fellow TEDsters, I did see some spark of ideas that's worth spreading. When a proud fellow TEDster (a Tedsterian) says that he had seen and understood many of the TED talks, the consequential challenge is "Are you now ready to give a talk that's worth spreading?"

      You seem to have listed my name and I would love to give a talk but I'm not yet ready. Sometimes I have to spend more than 15-minutes just to reply to a conversations like what he have.

      I wish also to follow the topics that you suggested. My perception is it's better to wage a global war of awareness and consciousness than to sacrifice precious lives. That there is no such thing as "illiterates" when our human expression in art and culture is essentially the same as our limited language and ideas can express. That we have the power to transform our world into a just and sustainable one.
      • Aug 7 2011: Great insights, thanks
      • Aug 12 2011: not yet ready :) ready to participate at the table though, I agree I have found your thoughts insightful and I understand not yet ready!
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    Aug 2 2011: This is a really tough one. There are many members who absolutely shine here on TEDConversation, bringing radical thoughts to the table, but its difficult to tell which ones would have 15-minute talk material to share with us. It's a tricky exercise but here goes:

    - Colleen Steen (would definitely be one, we agree)
    - Cristophe Cop (as a wise TEDx organizer would probably have a story or two worth spreading)
    - Birdia Tak Wai Chan (I have a feeling she would have something interesting to share)
    - Gabo Moreno (he works in a similar field then me, a 15-minute talk from him would be priceless)
    - Someone who is a TED translator who could share his experience about the process, I'm curious to know how other TED translators approach the whole thing.

    As I said, extremely hard question (but good idea, maybe this conversation could get the ball rolling...) and undoubtedly I'll think of someone else as the fifth person and be like "aww shoot why didn't I think of her/him?"
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      Aug 4 2011: Matthieu, I agree it's an extremely hard question that's why I said that any passionate TEDster deserve to give a talk. This is the starting point of this conversation, that many deserve to be nominated and we are only resolving minor issues: who should go first in a particular space and time and who is ready?

      We have great talks and we have great conversations and what I would characterize as being true to the apparent culture in TED is we would wish also to hear from TEDsters who rises from the rubble of our conversations and present as one great talk their marvelous idea that is worth spreading.

      Within the TED system, we can also look into the TEDcred points. This conversation is only an informal discussion and a challenge to fellow TEDsters to be ignited by one thing they are passionate about and contribute it to TED and to the world. When one is ready, we can do it like a TEDx event, a TEDxVirtual like Chris Cop suggested.

      For those who may not be aware, there is of course a formal process in TED for anyone who wish to give a talk in TEDx or TED conferences.
  • Aug 16 2011: Joe, I just thought of a great topic for you for a talk

    ask questions to listen deeper

    I see you do this all of the time on these boards especially in this conversation, I have learned a thing or two from you on here. What do you think?
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      Aug 16 2011: Thank you Autumn. It's a great topic and I see it also in many TEDsters in my other conversations. It's about letting our minds go free to understand anything beyond our own perspectives. Our own perspective being our limited life experiences that may have afforded us. There is a great expanse and beauty of consciousness and awareness that our collective consciousness can enlighten us and my intuition of course is they all converge into the universal principles of love, hope, trust, freedom, justice and truth.

      What would be your great insignts from your uniqe life experiences? I'm betting that the energy of your own great convictions, blended with your own life experience or from the great TED talks or great people, you'll have a great talk. Nursing care is one of the excellent example of how our love can concretely translate in making our world a better place.
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    Aug 14 2011: Markus Fischer: Designer....
    one of my favouritess!!:))
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    Aug 13 2011: Shokrullah Amiri
    Kate Blake
    Matthieu Miossec
    Christophe Cop
    Joe Delsen
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      Aug 14 2011: Juan, what topics would you suggest. What was your impression? Exclude mine of course.
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        Aug 16 2011: Joe, sorry I wasn't specific.

        Shokrullah Amiri on his take on peace as a way of life.
        Kate Blake on embracing differences, acting as one.
        Matthieu Miossec on being humble and his experiences translating.
        Christophe Cop on his lessons learned with Ideas Worth Executing
        Joes Delsen on his take on converging.

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          Aug 17 2011: I think a lot of people would be angry if I did a talk on being humble. I can sound fairly arrogant at times. I'd love to share my experiences in translating though, there's a lot to say actually!
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        Aug 17 2011: Matthieu, translating experiences it is then. I can imagine there is a lot to be learned from them. As a side note, comments like this one is why I chose that topic. Regards!
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        Aug 16 2011: Hello Kate! you are right we have not conversed yet. However before a more active participation I read a lot of the talks reviews and some of the conversations as well, I was surprised to find your in several of the ones that caught my attention and further more that you had a interesting take.

        My impression without direct conversation is that you are a very conscious person that is concerned of acting and participating in whats going on in the world, someone that is capable of recognizing when a person is ready for a question or debate and will provide a richer content to the conversation, humble, blunt, kind and seems to portray a unity in diversity mindset.

        Hope this clarifies.

  • Aug 12 2011: What I noticed is that people do not take advantage of the opportunity to favorite members. I think if this tool was utilized we would start seeing themes.

    Great idea- and yes I sometimes go rooting through others comments to find conversations I also value from a person who commented wisely on a conversation I was currently on.
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      Aug 14 2011: Autumn, do you have a list? What topics would you suggest or what is your impression? How about yourself, any great idea you are "cooking"?
      • Aug 14 2011: I think the best product of this question would be someone that could eloquently in a TED short (less than 6 minutes) introduce the community boards with something like what RIVES did in his mockingbird remix in 2006-

        A cacophony of ideas, topics and views from all the TED community

        A poetic invitation for the thousands of people who are watching the video to do more and join 'the conversation'

        This past week, I sat and refreshed the latest talks page to see how quickly the views multiplied, it was really fun- yet we see the same commenters who consistently participate

        I would not want to single any one person out, we are we. The people on my favorited list, a majority, are people I chose to invite to participate on the community boards by their profiles about a week ago- what if we all invited others to the boards- seriously- lets engage more!
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    Aug 12 2011: my appointee is the kurgan in disguise, and the topic would be a Q&A session about socialism and religion.
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      Aug 14 2011: Hey Krisztian, I listed your name so how about the challenge? What new insignts would you add to the great works of our philosophers and thinkers in the past?
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        Aug 14 2011: yes, i've noticed, very nice of you.

        i don't have any idea. have to think about it. the main task is: how to shake people's unshakable beliefs.
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      Aug 8 2011: Good point Kate! TED Fellows should be open to people regardless of their age!

      p/s: Did you get my e-mail? Have a nice day!
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      Aug 8 2011: Hi Kate, the TEDcred and the TED conversation statistics could indicate a lot about the potential of our conversations. I think that it all comes down to the individual or a group of individuals coming up with a great idea worth spreading.

      TED is also evolving as noted somewhere in the website. Will True (TED Customer support Manager) had a conversation about improving TED and it might be great also to see its progress. Let's also be reminded that TED accepts suggestions by contacting them at
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          Aug 12 2011: Thank you Kate!

          So TED Fellows program is one way to have a chance to give a talk in TED conference with it's great potential of collaboration with other TED fellows . It basically challenges us also to exert a positive influence into our spheres of influence before we can qualify. It's one collaborative project that we all can support as professionals, companies or NGOs.

          Your original idea would sitll have a good point as TEDcred points from conversations could indicate our influence among our diverse community?

          I was also thinking that TED conversations could later evolve with some kind of structure to simplify the flow and process of the interactions possibly channeling it more into collaborations.
  • Aug 4 2011: I would also nominate Debra Smith. She would be excellent.
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      Aug 4 2011: Hello Kate, thank you. I often see great ideas here at TED and I'm wondering maybe we also need a more formal form of testing ideas and then transition it into a collaboration or is there any platform someplace?

      We have TEDActive for collaboration and I'm wondering if TEDActive virtual is also possible.

      I've been trying to understand TED more and the TED prize which is like the hightlight of the greatest ideas since 2005, I felt should be more visible.

      I'm getting ideas that TED can be as huge as Google. TED could be the great evolution of our information age.
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          Aug 8 2011: Nothing to worry dear Kate this is only a conversation. (:>) Perhaps we're in the same process and the interesting part is the journey itself is important. Any moment and any idea we contribute to converge our ideas to our universal ideals is important. It is a challenge of course to evolve our thinking and find ways to contribute to our personal world and global world.

          In my perception, the biggest challenge today are (1) the acceleration of global awareness (both in caring and understanding) with the little time that we may have in averting gathering crises and (2) the transformation of the structures of our systems to more adequately reflect the global nature of our relationships.

          One area that I'm still trying to understand is the dynamics of power and fame and the sense of justice and truth that should equate to the people that empowers it.

          It seems that TED itself is on the crossroads with the many initiatives that's diffusing into the world. Our role I believe is to help promote the convergence of our unique perspectives into our universal ideals. I hope that as long as we continue to raise the level of global awareness, we can simply have faith that we will all do the right thing.
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    Aug 17 2011: Kate you are very humble as well I think you are closer to those qualities... any way I'm happy to be on board. Even if you don't have as much time I'm pretty sure your comments will still represent a great contribution to our conversations. Best regards!
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    Aug 3 2011: I'd nominate HAL... I'm sure he's on here somewhere.
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      Aug 4 2011: Hi Christopher, HAL is not yet here, it's still figuring out how to outsmart the human brain and how to give a great TED talk.

      Do you have any ideas for a great TED talk or we already have the 1000 TED talks that we all need?