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Does a selfless act exist?

Often times we do things to help/assist others. At first glance, it may appear to be a selfless act. Is it really selfless if mentally and emotionally you have fulfilled your own needs as a being? People use different means to satisfy their own physical, mental, and emotional needs all the time. If our thought process is delayed and we just "act", does that make it selfless?


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    Aug 3 2011: I definitely believe that selfless acts exist. An example is my Mother. 32 years ago she could of had a surgery to fix the scoliosis in her back by inserting a metal rod into her back to straighten the spine. She did not reject this because of being scared, but because she did not want to be laid up in bed for months not able to take care of my brother and sister. She was a single mother. And she couldn't imagine the thought of her children not being taken care of to the best of her ability. I believe this to be a selfless act. And I know there is selfless acts. Because if you take the children out of that scenario. I know she would of got the surgery. But this is just my opinion. You raise great points. Thanks for the topic.

    - Jamie

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