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Can we create new popular “Lifestyle “ via improving collective and individual consciousness using “power of the crowed “ phenomena

I believe that Media needs to do a better job helping people imagine how we can have better world tomorrow . The answer isn’t to provide feel good news at holiday time, or celebrate a few heroes, but to redefine the entertainment altogether.

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    Aug 2 2011: Touching on a good point...

    If media could stir people to do constructive and rewarding things... would be awesome.

    For example: report a news-story, and give some clues as to how one can act upon it. Or clues to further media and semi-related topics and solutions.

    I love the Idea... I'm going to think about it ;-)
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      Aug 6 2011: I love the idea too Christophe:>) Got any more thoughts about it?

      The media is a GREAT tool, and they are going to give the masses what they/we will watch and buy the most. It is good for us to be informed, and we could also be more informed about the positive, constructive things that are going on in our world, and as you say a news story AND give some ideas as to how one can act upon it and work on solutions. As Bruno says..."purpose base media" with intent to create new lifestyles:>)
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        Aug 12 2011: Hmm...

        Some things come to mind...
        I'm thinking about as an inspiration.
        Might give some clues for non-financial rewards and additions to CV/portfolio

        And a 'can do' attitude of active citizenship (the idea that you can actively contribute, instead of waiting for others/government to do something)

        Maybe journalists could do some try-outs on one of the pages of their magazine or journal.

        I'm thinking on which levels it might work... it might bring a revival for local brochures, making them more interactive while enabling them to connect to broader platforms.
        Or news channels might show some websites that are about acting upon it.

        There are already some examples of course: like the hunger in East Africa, or during other large disasters. Though smaller problems might be nice too. Or other forms of contribution (where crowd-source models can be implemented).

        Maybe brands and companies could do this as part of their marketing strategy too (like pepsi did last year)
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    Aug 3 2011: "purpose base media" which can improve collective and individual consciousness .
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    Aug 3 2011: Thanks to all for comments ,

    I think about "purpose based media " , media whit intention to help development of a common culture of sharing for mutual benefits which will contribute creating new "Lifestyle ".

    Nicholas , do you remember title from BBC article ?
    • Aug 4 2011: I have been searching for the past two/three days for this article. Damn myself for not bookmarking it.

      Purposed based media reminds me a little of the Public Information Films, maybe we should bring them back with a new flair and have something worth watching between the mindless and often repeated rubbish that currently inhabits our television channels?
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    Aug 2 2011: i think we, as a community of people, should encourage people to rely less on the media. and i would say the media gives us lots of reasons to do this.
  • Aug 2 2011: I believe the BBC recently published an article online detailing the rise of an idea to accepted normality. They suggested that as soon as 10% (of the total number of the group you were targeting) believed in such an idea, it would spread like wild fire. As soon as this magic 10% was reacher, the crowd phenomena would take hold.

    If you were to tie this in with positive language (something that is very much devoid in modern day media, and so would probably actually help to cement an idea) then prehaps a new dawn could be acheived.

    I think you hit on a valid point, whereby you call media an entertainment. But I think you need to defiine which aspect. For surely cinema-based media is very much "The good guy always wins", whilst news-based media is very much "We're all going to die, and now for the abysmal weather that will tear your children from your arms". Surely if anything we need to redefine the news (as I believe you are encompassing with media) as 'not-media'?
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      Aug 2 2011: It's all entertainment, especially the "news".
      • Aug 3 2011: And I'm saying that the news should not be. It should be set aside from entertainment, classic example NoTW red-top...Hacking scandal. They sought to entertain, they went too far.
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    Aug 2 2011: I don't believe the messages out there in Mass Media-land are ever swallowed whole and absorbed.

    What is presented generically is not received in the same generic way. This applies to "positive" messages as well as the "negative" ones.

    Considering that what is popularly called the Information Age turned out to be the Propaganda Age, it pays to greet everything with a healthy dose of skepticism.