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Can we create new popular “Lifestyle “ via improving collective and individual consciousness using “power of the crowed “ phenomena

I believe that Media needs to do a better job helping people imagine how we can have better world tomorrow . The answer isn’t to provide feel good news at holiday time, or celebrate a few heroes, but to redefine the entertainment altogether.


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    Aug 3 2011: Thanks to all for comments ,

    I think about "purpose based media " , media whit intention to help development of a common culture of sharing for mutual benefits which will contribute creating new "Lifestyle ".

    Nicholas , do you remember title from BBC article ?
    • Aug 4 2011: I have been searching for the past two/three days for this article. Damn myself for not bookmarking it.

      Purposed based media reminds me a little of the Public Information Films, maybe we should bring them back with a new flair and have something worth watching between the mindless and often repeated rubbish that currently inhabits our television channels?

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