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Save the planet with body heat

This may be wacky - but why don't we use two things that we have in abundance: body heat, and the fact that (most of us) wear clothes. Use or body heat and the friction caused by wearing clothes to charge ultra thin batteries sown into out clothes; once charged we take them out, plug them into a public receptacle, and take a new one. Each time we charge we get a minute credit for doing so; the more we do, the more credit, which we can then use as money.
Profit for us, saving the planet, and freeing ourselves from Middle Eastern dictatorships: all a walk in the park :)

  • Aug 2 2011: Too much hassle. People won't do it. Technology must be as simple and in-obtrusive as possible to work. Plus the power will be of low grade maybe enough to run an led for a few seconds, minutes at most.
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      Aug 4 2011: they will if it makes them money :) I remember, one time when I was a student, I saw a long line-up: it was students waiting in a line for 30-40 minutes to get a 5 dollar refund from their sports fees. I was really surprised to see that they would put in such a lot of effort for a rather small return.