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If you could teach the world 1 valuable thing you learned, what would it be and why?

The 1 valuable thing you learned could be anything, whether it is a skill, a lesson you learned, a quote you heard, or even the most simple things.


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  • Aug 14 2011: Mine would be don't be so dependent on the words of others. Not saying the media is all bad or all scientists are wrong. But it seems that ppl are becoming lazy and depedent on others to find out the knowledge for them or that knowledge magically is transformed into a book and that the thought that created that book is just as magically as the creation of the pages and words that made the book possible. Never before has there been such a treasure trove of open source information available not only to a set number of ppl but to the whole world and ppl are not taking advantage of it but rather waiting for the news to be translated to them. They are not realizing and I find these horrendously shameful that ppl don't seem to understand how much information they put out amongst text , vids, post, comments and what have you.....along with the tech updates that are changing the world to rapidly for the news to report and even they were make a channel fixating on the mass info given within the past 4 years it would take a millenia or long to sift through 1% of said data. My advice is don't wait for the world to come to you but you go to the world. This planet was not civilized by sitting on our thumbs waiting for science to give us a hint. We had to look for them ourselves and find solutions to certain problems. But the solutions of yesterday's man has today's man stupid and tommorow's man will prolly be extinct. The human race must evolve or face to digress into primordial animalistic man with socialized internet linguistics in a post modern world.

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