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If you could teach the world 1 valuable thing you learned, what would it be and why?

The 1 valuable thing you learned could be anything, whether it is a skill, a lesson you learned, a quote you heard, or even the most simple things.


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    Aug 13 2011: Stop regretting the past, dont obsess about the future, concentrate on and enjoy the present.
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      Aug 13 2011: really true Joseph Tagliente..... this is also also the saying of great Indian diplomat "chanakya" the person whos always an inspiraton for me..
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      Aug 13 2011: The past is gone by,
      the future is not yet a reality.
      The present moment is the only reality.
    • Aug 14 2011: This idea is the basic essence of life. We all end up wasting so much of our precious time in worrying about the future and regretting about the past that we are either in the past or future and waste the present. If we can all learn to be in the present, life would indeed be wonderful and we would become highly effective in what ever we do. This is also the key to happiness.
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      Aug 14 2011: Forget the past.
      Be in the present.
      Believe in the future.
      Live for the ages to come. :)

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