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If you could teach the world 1 valuable thing you learned, what would it be and why?

The 1 valuable thing you learned could be anything, whether it is a skill, a lesson you learned, a quote you heard, or even the most simple things.

  • Aug 2 2011: Forgiveness... of ones self and of others... because perception is reality and bitterness can cloud the lens through which we see the world.
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    Aug 5 2011: At any given moment, we are coming from a place of love, or a place of fear. Love is healing, joyful, respectful, content, peaceful, and very powerful:>)
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      Aug 5 2011: and fear is?
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        Aug 5 2011: Fear is hate, stress, anger, disrespect, discontent, anxiety, insecurity, need to control others, violence, abuse......
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        Aug 5 2011: Muhammad,
        I am simply reminding you of what you already know in your heart:>)
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        Aug 6 2011: My pleasure Muhammad:>)
        You remind me of another valuable lesson I've learned on my life journey, and it is that we are all here to support each other with the life experience. We reflect back and forth to each other all the time...providing information...encouraging...respecting...loving. It is with the loving energy of others, added to my own energy, that I have been able to face challenges with love in my heart. So THANK YOU my friend:>)
    • Aug 16 2011: it is also overrated! :P

      P.S. i love to love
    • Aug 21 2011: Dear Colleen, BEST comment ever I read.

      I have no doubt that we come from a peaceful place. We come into being innocent and don’t go that way back.
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        Aug 29 2011: Thank you Shokrullah:>)
        I believe we CAN go that way back, if we live life mindfully, with awareness:>)
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    Aug 2 2011: Asking question.............
    Becasue it opens up the opportunity of endless learning, bringing innovation , breaking status quo etc etc
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      Aug 4 2011: So much insight in this one!
    • Aug 5 2011: That's the one lesson I've been taught in my life that has so far been the most valuable to me and that I expect to turn out to be the most important thing I learned in life.

      If you don't know something, ask!
      If you can't comprehend an opinion, decision, system or tradition, question!
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        Aug 5 2011: Absolutely. Everyone once had it as kid, then slowly loses it in the process of growing up to adulthood so need to relearn, as I feel it very important.
        • Aug 7 2011: I think you are right with this; In addition to that, it is important, that people learn that asking a question is not "bad" and you are not "dumb" because you didn't know this or that ... I mean, you are asking because you want to know it, didn't you ?
    • Aug 8 2011: Well said Salim, the answer lies in asking.
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    Aug 5 2011: That Love, is the greatest thing in the World. Why ? Love transforms, Love elevates,
    Love protects, Love saves, Love can change the worst of men/women and make them the best
    of men/woman. Love is the answer to all questions. Love is the answer to all problems.
    Love is all powerful. Nothing can withstand Love. Love is Peace, Love is Joy. Love is our
    reason for living. Love is our life. There is Nothing greater than LOVE !!! In reality, there
    is nothing but Love. If it is not Love, it is not real. LOVE is absolute. God is LOVE.
    • Aug 5 2011: "Love is a many splendor thing".
      "Where there is love there is life".
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      Aug 5 2011: Love is passion, and passion is fickle. Be careful not to let love blind you. Love can be just as dangerous as hate or obsession when it burns hot enough.

      Not to say love isn't good, but be ever watchful of your emotions lest they control you.
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        Aug 5 2011: 1. Love is relative

        2. Everything in moderation.

        3. Never let others be responsible for your own emotions, people change their minds (about who or what they love) every second and that is their birth given right.
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        Aug 5 2011: Unconditional love is very clear. It is our expectations that blind us at times:>)

        When we have certain expectations of others, we may become obsessed with getting our expectations met, and get lost in our own "passion", or "obsession". When we let go of our need to control others with our expectations, we are free of any control of each others emotions:>)
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          Aug 5 2011: Yeah, and therein lies the beauty of giving without expecting anything in return :-)) The beauty/reward is the inherent gift of loving without putting conditions to the person receiving the love
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          Aug 5 2011: Thank you Colleen that was insightful :).

          I won't deny that love at it's finest is perhaps the greatest thing in the world, but it's important for people to know the difference between love and the other passions*.
          Zanele, moderation is the key to most everything :). And Emotions are paradoxical able to draw out opposite reactions in a person, and Passions are powerful because they heat everything up making what you feel more intense.

          I think we are all saying very similar things but the point I'm trying to make is that love unchecked (not as a movement that's fine, but the personal part of the emotion) can turn into something else quickly. I suppose I'm really just drawing back to moderation, but then perhaps moderation is the first lesson a person should be taught.

          * I currently define the three primary forms of passion as Love, Hate and Obsession. Obsession is the latest of the three, but I feel it has deserves it's place separate fro love and hate. Though I think I'll start a new discussion on just that.
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        Aug 5 2011: Tyler,
        It feels like you may be speaking only of romantic between two people? Most of the people who wrote about love on this thread, myself included, seem to be talking about love in a broader sense. However we talk about it is GREAT...I would just like to be clear, and I'm confused by your comment.

        While I respect how you "currently define the passions", it is often defined as "a strong liking for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept...enthusiasm, zeal, intense emotion compelling action". We can be passionate about etc. The possibilities for passion are endless. We can also love all of our passions.
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          Aug 6 2011: I can't seem to get my idea across, I I'll continue to work on articulating it, but what I was try to say has been almost entirely missed but that's my fault.
      • Aug 6 2011: Conditional & selfish love is dangerous but
        unconditional & unselfish love is harmless. :)
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        Aug 8 2011: @ Tyler Davis, agree with you on moderation...totally everything in moderation! and I do get most of what you are saying
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    Aug 13 2011: Stop regretting the past, dont obsess about the future, concentrate on and enjoy the present.
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      Aug 13 2011: really true Joseph Tagliente..... this is also also the saying of great Indian diplomat "chanakya" the person whos always an inspiraton for me..
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      Aug 13 2011: The past is gone by,
      the future is not yet a reality.
      The present moment is the only reality.
    • Aug 14 2011: This idea is the basic essence of life. We all end up wasting so much of our precious time in worrying about the future and regretting about the past that we are either in the past or future and waste the present. If we can all learn to be in the present, life would indeed be wonderful and we would become highly effective in what ever we do. This is also the key to happiness.
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      Aug 14 2011: Forget the past.
      Be in the present.
      Believe in the future.
      Live for the ages to come. :)
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    Aug 11 2011: To laugh often and love much:
    To win respect of intelligent people
    And the affection of children;
    To earn the approbation of honest critics
    And endure the betrayal of false friends;
    To appreciate beauty;
    To find the best in others;
    To give one's self;
    To leave the world a little better,
    Whether by a healthy child,
    A garden patch,
    Or redeemed social condition;
    To have played and laughed with enthusiasm
    And sung with exultation;
    To know even one life has breathed easier
    Because you have lived...
    This is to have succeeded.
    -Ralph Waldo Emerson
    • Aug 11 2011: Jack
      Thanks for a wonderful quote, with some wonderful things to be.
  • Aug 9 2011: ignorance is NOT bliss....
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    Aug 2 2011: When I bought my first car at 17, my grandmother taught me to read the contract from back to front. I've done that ever since - on everything I sign - and it has saved me in many ways.
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      Aug 2 2011: Wow ! That's smart!
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      Aug 3 2011: Not sure I get this. Is it important to read all of a contract, or to actually read it from back to front?

      I usually find the important stuff is at the beginning. ;-)
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        Aug 4 2011: Alistar - Exactly. All of the "good stuff" is in large type, easy to read, usually what you asked for. It's only when you get to the end do you find the only way the policy is going to cover you is if you get hit by a stray meteor during a full moon on a Tuesday. :))
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      Aug 4 2011: Dawn, your grandmother was a frigging genius. never hear this before. Will never read a contract any other way now. Thank you!
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    Aug 13 2011: Do not be so deluded as to imagine that other people are responsible for your emotional well-being.

    This means people/things can't *make* you happy; only you can. Nothing makes you sad; you decide to do that. Sadness and anger may be appropriate, just realize that it is your choice to feel that way. And you can change your choices.
    • Aug 14 2011: hear,hear........but agreeing and practicing....are far apart in my experience
    • Aug 17 2011: I couldn't agree with you more. We have the power of deciding how we want to feel, I did not understand that till know. I had someone tell me that once and could not comprehend what it meant becuase I was so in my head. Thanks
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    Aug 29 2011: "When you are busy judging someone,
    you have no time to love them."
    ~ Mother Teresa.
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    I would tell people that if world as we know it, would be powered by Islam system, everything would be different. There wouldn't be wars, bad politics, conspiracy etc.
    • Aug 7 2011: There is no single answer that is universally the "best". The universe is shaped through opposing forces like the magnetic fields created by the north and south poles together they form a protective blanket. The world needs balance between these opposing forces in order for these vital systems to work effectively. Remove or focus too much energy at one end and the system collapses. This phenomena is also used to wire our brains in the sense that its two hemispheres are like the ends of a magnet (logic and intuition) or as I like to call them structure and chaos but because neither is inherently positive or negative structurally they remain in a constant state of flux pulling toward and pushing away from each other much like the dance of two passionate lovers. To make anything that is entirely one sided is unwise and I doubt even possible. The world needs conflict in order to grow and evolve. I believe by mirroring biological systems use of genes both dominant and recessive (don't forget the mutations they are very important as well) we can synthesize governmental and societal systems that pull from human knowledge more holistically and would represent all of the people and truly be for the people.
      • Aug 9 2011: Very well articulated Nitesh!
        • Aug 10 2011: Thank you and may we all find mutual ground on which to stand united and together build a future that is both beautiful and abundant.
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      Aug 7 2011: it is good that you threw in so much arguments, and not just baseless claims.
    • Aug 7 2011: blue bubble......................for lack of a better word you exhibit the traits of naivette and are the most naive person this side of heaven.Can i name you the most volatile regions of the world with the highest number of muslim adherents?1.Somalia2.Indonesia3.Vietnam4.Nigeria5.Palestine6.The greater russia7.Libya8.Egypt9.Syria10.Iraq11.Afghanistan12.Iranneed i go on??the problem is not the religion but the the paradigm of the peopleSkylar you have it nailed
      • Aug 7 2011: Thank you for the affirmation, but why poke a hornets nest? A little harsh maybe, but then again I have no place to judge because I used to be a bullies bully (the guy who pushes back in the defense of others as well as himself) and still am sometimes. Yep, I am just as flawed as the next guy, but have found overtime that it is important to befriend potential enemies whenever possible. Vocabulary can be a powerful tool and may be used to bring people closer together or deepen and widen the divisions between them. Thank you again and the best of luck in your journey.
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      Aug 8 2011: The day all people learnt to respect others,started feeling about them and be concerned about a gift called "life", we will need no religious guidelines and moreover, the crux of every religious story is same, then why to go for complex and complicated stories? Are they serving any mental food for progress? These stories are making particular sections of some socities more adamant and stubborn to accept path of peace and love. I would urge everybody to spread only small messages and not the stories to drive positive growth in budding mentals cells of young generation and save them from becoming fanatics. ~Spread love, Not religion~
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      Aug 8 2011: Never knew before that Islam was a system. Thoug though it was an appeal to love one another. Have you heard of the Qur’an?
    • Aug 11 2011: I AM THE BEST SYSTEM OF LIFE

      I would tell people that if world as we know it, would be powered by ME, everything would be different. There wouldn't be wars, bad politics, conspiracy etc.

      It would also be terribly montone.
    • Sep 1 2011: The same could be said for any other religion, or belief system... if we all though the same way, we'd never fight... or learn... thankfully we don't all think the same way
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    Aug 2 2011: That we have the power to bring more happiness to our personal world and to the world of our fellow earth citizens.
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      Aug 4 2011: Joe, You are another one who practices what he preaches! Thanks for practicing this here on TED.
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        Aug 5 2011: Thank you Debra. It's my journey and struggle online or in land to aim for our ideals. Thank you too for your "motherly" care for TED and our fellow Tedsters. :>)
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    Aug 2 2011: Even impossible has the word Possible.
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    Aug 27 2011: To Change the Language from "Struggle" to "Grapple".
    To Choose to "Grow out" Instead of " Squeeze Out"
    To Decide "How " you are going to leave your world and your Children - Not WHAT
    Communicate your "Stand" and not where you are "Standing"
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    Aug 18 2011: "We see the world not as it is, but as we are." - Internet Talmud or Anais Nin

    And a similar idea -

    "People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    And another similar idea:
    "We shall not cease from exploration; And the end of all our exploring, Will be to arrive at where we started; And know the place for the first time." - T.S. Eliot.

    If people read those quotes repeatedly and actually understood and internalized them, many unconscious discussions, political and otherwise, would be infused with additional self-awareness for all the parties involved.

    Or so I like to imagine :P
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      Aug 29 2011: Good quotes Bill,
      We really DO reveal our true character to ourselves and others with our perceptions of the world. We see what we want to see, and project what we choose to project. I believe that if we are truly living life to the fullest, we are constantly exploring new and different information, and if people read these quotes repeatedly, actually understood and internalized them, many unconscious discussions would be infused with self-awareness, respect, kindness, compassion, and love for all parties:>) It is possible:>)
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    Aug 18 2011: “Do all the good you can,
    By all the means you can,
    In all the ways you can,
    In all the places you can,
    At all the times you can,
    To all the people you can,
    As long as ever you can.”
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    Aug 9 2011: THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! Choose your thoughts carefully, they shape your life!
    • Aug 10 2011: I have had this debate with many over the years and agree that indeed the power of a thought unspoken or otherwise is highly underrated for they lead to other thoughts and eventually action. Thank you for your insight.
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        Aug 10 2011: Interesting to hear that it's a debate.

        Wasn't the table an idea? The wheel? The computer? Society?

        • Aug 10 2011: It may be obvious to us, but you might be surprised how many people believe thought and action to be separate and deny the accumulative effects of positive and negative thought patterns. I blame this on the Newtonian paradigm that I was taught in school and is taught still I am sure in classrooms around the world. Granted it is an outdated concept much like the earth being flat, but there are many who still cling to the idea that the universe is made of tiny little solid particles like legos and perceive everything to be separate from everything else. This traps them in a world of absolutes instead of possibilities. It is one of my many desires that one day the law of contradiction be either revised or deleted from every textbook on the planet replaced or accompanied by paradox and the connection of all things through networks and systems.
        • Aug 10 2011: Hear hear Skylar. Great insight.
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        Aug 10 2011: I'm both surprised and unsurprised, but I do think it's incredible how much people take creation for granted. It's not like our species arrived on a planet with cities intact and cars just waiting to be driven around, yet still we debate on whether the things with think of "truly" effect our lives.


        And of your textbook wish, I don't doubt you'll see that done within the next 50 years...if we give ourselves that much time on Earth!
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    Aug 9 2011: Take time to understand, never judge.
    • Aug 10 2011: Absolutely if time and circumstances allows but some judgments need to be made with haste and in these situations listen to your intuition it can save your life as it has mine on numerous occasions.
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    Aug 5 2011: you dont have to figure out who is right and who is wrong to be able to generate a solution.
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        Aug 5 2011: :-D Hi Birdia , i learn this from my own communication with one of my friend. We at many times try to solve a "problem" by starting with "i think you are..." which is very frustrating and later after conversations we realise what we were talking about is nothing but figuring out right and wrong (probably in somewhere of the head says: if we are clear of this ,then the wrong side need to apologise , then problem solved! ) but when you start with that , things get more complicated when it dosent have to. so we tried put all these aside and then askwhat you want me to do next time.and it made a difference.
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    Aug 4 2011: I've learned the lists I've created, over a lifetime, of what I think I want is often not what I need.
    I'm not referring to basic human needs. We are such complex beings with linear streams of thought, fed by media, peer pressure and social structures, that thinks it knows what it wants. Truth is, if we allow the road to bend in directions we did not plot, or walk the paths that appear at our feet but seem to be going in the wrong direction, we will often discover the adventure is far greater, and the lessons exponentially larger. Those roads have often led me to much more magical and fantastic places or people than my most creative visioning list ever could have.
    • Aug 5 2011: I agree Linda. Launching out on new roads, in new directions is hard, but very worth the trip.
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    Aug 4 2011: It ain't over 'til its over!
    Do not give up. No matter what it looks like now, give it a few minutes and the weather changes- even if its only the weather (the set of ideas) in your own head.
  • Aug 3 2011: - Do your best everyday to become "imperfectly perfect" by learning from your mistakes.
    - Always remember to smile even on a "bad" day for someone may be having a worst day than you and your smile can make their day a little bit better. ;-)
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    Aug 3 2011: if you are sure you are right, but you have no hard evidence, quite often you are actually wrong.
    • Aug 3 2011: Forgive my rudeness, if I may add to your sentence: if you are sure you are right, but you have no hard evidence [and you are intuitively so confident that you do not look for it], quite often you are actually wrong.

      P/s: Thank you Timothy Craig, I like how you relate to my response, and how you can put in words what I haven't been able to: fallacy as a matter of personal decision.
    • Aug 3 2011: Came to share something similar: I have learned to value being wrong as it means I no long have the consequences of my self deception. To Simon's point, being wrong is frequently our own choice, though we don't recognize it as such until after the fact, opting rather for denial, justification, etc... to maintain a false sense of pride.

      Unfortunately, actively choosing to be wrong seems to be increasing in our culture. Value truth, even if it proves yourself wrong.
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    Aug 3 2011: Never give up because opportunities are everywhere.And believe me, they are all golden!
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    Aug 3 2011: To be truly open to new experiences and new points of view.
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    Aug 2 2011: There is no such thing as "I can't dance" and "I can't sing"
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      Aug 3 2011: "Only thing about me is the way I walk..."
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      Aug 6 2011: While I consider myself to be quite brave in most things -even singing- dancing has me utterly self conscious. I like your can do attitude on this and I'll try to implement it next opportunity!
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    Aug 2 2011: Sharing is better than giving.
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      Aug 4 2011: Sharing takes a relationship and so much more is given in that circumstance. Thanks Erol!
  • Sep 1 2011: Always answer with "yes, and" rather than "no, but", which is the natural way we respond. This allows to build on something that the other person has said, rather than be judgmental or confrontational. This is a simple but effective technique taught in improv and helps greatly in building relationships and relating to people instead of controlling.
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    Aug 13 2011: If something bothers you in life, change it instead of constantly complaining about it. But before you do, make sure you understand why it is functioning the way it is. Then, spend time focusing on how you can make it better.
  • Aug 11 2011: I would teach the world the importance of the three "C"s; Common sense, Compassion and Credibility.

    Common sense is the ability to understand that for every action there is a reaction, and with a little insight and intelligence, it is relatively easy to predict with a certain amount of reliability what that reaction will be. It is too bad that Common sense has become almost extinct in modern society.

    Compassion is understanding and accepting another being's circumstance or feelings, and to me includes empathy and sympathy. If you are Compassionate it is impossible to hate someone because of physical differences, different beliefs or different backgrounds. In this world of riots, wars, racial and religious discrimination it is painfully obvious that Compassion is severely lack ing also.

    Crediblility is "saying what you mean and meaning what you say", and if you profess to have beliefs that you live according to those beliefs. All you have to do is listen to any politician or religious pundit to see that Credibility is nonexistant in the modern world.

    With these three concepts we would be able to honestly communicate with each other as equals, without prejudices getting in the way. Governments would be caring about the disadvantaged and marginal part of the population as well the rich and powerful. Maybe even business would understand that without a sufficient standard of living there is no one to purchase their goods and we could stop the race to the bottom we are in now. What we need is for people to stop trying to do the same things over and over and expecting different results. There are alternatives, other ways that have never been tried.

    What we have tried isn't working and has never worked.
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    Aug 10 2011: Allow the natural world to become your sensuous anchor to reality. So much of our daily experience is with an aspect of fiction or fantasy; money, clocks, reputations, television, news, even small talk with friends and acquaintances. As one of my favourite poets says, "We pretend, then we get very good at pretending, and then we forget we were pretending in the first place." (David Whyte)

    The natural world is the best anchor I know that consistently "defies definition" and therefore can reset our perspective to a blank slate. If we get too caught up in the fictions, however useful they may be to our societal lives, the deepest aspects of our true selves will always take a blow.
    • Aug 10 2011: Nicely put, I love the quote. Rarely a day goes by that I don't see or hear something that makes me wonder who a particular group or person is really trying to convince about a given topic as they blabber on. I believe the answer is usually themselves and so the dangers of the mob mentality and self affirmation unfurl. One should always take the affirmations and criticisms of others or even ones self with a grain of salt as they say because they do not change reality but may influence your perceptions of it. Never take yourself too seriously and always be willing to bend or you shall surely break. Thank you for sharing.
  • Aug 9 2011: Being wrong is the first step towards being right.
    • Aug 10 2011: May I add that the reverse is also true so always be skeptical even of yourself.
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    Aug 8 2011: Think about the person behind you, and how your actions affect them!
    This will then affect the way you drive, queue up, sit in the theatre, etc. You'll be more conscious of your actions, and how they affect those around you. (Have you got a cart-full of groceries, but the person behind you has 2 items - why not let them go first? Are you out for a leisurely drive, but the car behind you is obviously in a hurry - why let them by and continue on your way? You're on a train and a long-lost mate rings your mobile. Why not tell him that you'll ring him back from home, rather than sharing your life with dozens of strangers in the same car as you?)
    We've tended to become more selfish, not caring about those around us. Technology has not helped.
    But a little courtesy and thought for others goes a long way.
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      Aug 8 2011: Markus, I think it would be a nicer world with more people like you in it!
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    Aug 8 2011: If I could teach the world that one thing which I learned I would solve all existing problems at once.
    Unfortunately it cannot be learned from one person to another it has to be discoverd by one self.
    The thing that I speak of is that love is the only thing in the world that matters.
    And love in this sense is a verb; it has to be given with no exclusion at all.
  • Aug 8 2011: 'To observe oneself without any bias'
  • Aug 6 2011: I came across this a long time ago. I don't know who to attribute it to but I call it the Rules of Engagement. Rule #1: It's your problem. Rule #2: If it looks like it is their problem refer to Rule #1. To me this has always prompted me to take responsibility, be accountable and most of all to broaden my view of the situation. The rules call one to action. Tthey call for cooperation, and they calls to embracing the moment and everyone and everything in it. Following this path of openess always brings about creative engaging solutions.
  • Aug 5 2011: I second colleen's emotion. love is the answer. When we live in love , we live our best selves,the self that is one with all and cherishes our fellow brethren as a sacred being. Namaste
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      Aug 5 2011: Namaste...I meet you as equals...on a soul level...sacred being to sacred being:>)
      I reflect back to you respect,>)
      • Aug 5 2011: Thank you. To love is akin to being in the zone in sports or other ventures.The immersion is total and all else cannot interfere with the expression. love one another especially ourselves. We are all connected coming from a universal source.Much Metta to all.
  • Aug 5 2011: I would teach the world that holding the breath during activities reduces strength, health, and heightened awareness. Further. if you are near someone and they hold their breath, it will cause a similar response in you unless you are being totally conscious. This same phenomena occurs among animals and is what causes an entire group of birds to fly off in unison. When one holds his breath out of fear, they all feel the fear response inside and all fly together!
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    Aug 4 2011: To be silent for a few moments each day and taking time to listen to our breath and the silence between.

    Learning to hear our breath teaches us to listen to others.
  • Aug 3 2011: After searching for a million different ways to find happiness, I realised it was in the most simple things - good friends, good family, good food and unforgettable times.
  • Aug 3 2011: It's never too late to do what you might have done...
    It's never too late to be what you might have been!
    Study, think, plan, act, reflect, act!
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    Aug 2 2011: Fear is your biggest Enemy !
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      Aug 4 2011: Kuldeep. This is so true. I used to get down onto the level of my children's eyes when they were afraid of seizing an opportunity that was important to them personally and say something like " Honey,there are times when you just cannot afford to let fear win if you really want your dreams."
      I wish for all of us the courage to claim our dreams!
    • Aug 5 2011: Hi, what do we fear most in our life? How do we overcome such fear? Any insight? :)
      • Aug 5 2011: Often times fears expose that which is meaningful or exciting to us indicating that a part of us is interested in a particular subject. Other times however it is quite the opposite and is the bodies way of initiating the fight or flight response. It can also simply mark a perceived boundary of ones ability (comfort zone) which in turn marks an opportunity for personal growth. To answer your question more directly uncertainty seems to be terrifying to most with control issues usually punctuated by too much time spent in their comfort zones. It is important to embrace failure because it can be a great teacher and at least you tried. The start to overcoming any struggle comes from the desire to do so. Everyone's motivations are different, find yours and use them wisely.
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        Aug 5 2011: @ carole lyc, we fear all that is unknown, unfamiliar, and different to us...
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          Aug 5 2011: So...we face the unknown, unfamiliar and different with love in our hearts and the curiosity of a child:>)
    • Aug 5 2011: In actuality fear is a practical and necessary biological tool. It can in fact be a very good friend. I believe it, as with all human emotions need not be suppressed but rather understood and used in a controlled manner. Cry a little and laugh a lot, everyday...
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      Aug 5 2011: I say that emotions, all of them, have there places, and should be understood. Fear can hold you back, but it can spur you on as well. Emotions are all paradoxical. In my post above I state learn about yourself, and emotions are part of that massive equation. They are powerful tools, but they must be controlled or else they will run amok and cause damage. That induces happiness, and it can make you blind to things.

      Learn when to listen to your fears, and when to work past them.
  • Aug 2 2011: to learn from your mistakes..there are invaluable lessons to be had
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      Aug 2 2011: Adrianne, mabe we can add opening our hearts and minds and learning also from other people's misktake.
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    Aug 2 2011: Hi Michael!

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (Matthew 7:12)
    This is the most logical cliche I've ever heard, and I think this kind of moral imagination (Check out Jaqueline Novogratz' talk on Inspiring a Life of Immersion) should be taught everywhere (as it already is).

    Btw, I love that you've linked Randy Pausch's talk to your conversation. His book had greatly inspired me a few years ago, and I still bear in mind his teaching: "The brick walls are there to let us know how badly we want something." :-)
  • Lurtz .

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    Aug 14 2011: That there is no God.
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    Aug 12 2011: The thoughts that we refer to are generated in parts of the brain that heavily influence flight or fight, anxiety, worry, depression, discontent, anger, resentment, and other negative feelings and dispositions. There is another whole and largely separate set of circuitry in the brain of humans (if not all animals) which, when activated, inhibits all (at least negative) emotional states and the thoughts that are inevitably associated with them. Activation of this OTHER circuitry is called Mindfulness. There are many many manifestations of it; prayer is one, mindfulness meditation is another, and the quiet mind that others here refer to is another. One can easily learn to switch on this Mindfulness circuitry, wihich calms us immensely and reliably. If I could share something with all humans it would be MINDFULNESS techniques.
  • Aug 12 2011: Love & Humility : together they are one valuable thing
    • Aug 12 2011: I think Humility is one of the most intelligent realisations a person can make in life; more specifically their place in their society, the world, or ultimately more humbling - their and our place in the universe.

      It's such a simple concept, I find that those with it are more peaceful, less angry and have more balanced values.

      I would teach, not for everyone to just "Be Humble", but to stop to occasionally reflect, and remind ourselves of the wider world to get some perspective and asses our values. With that i think we would all be more content with what we decide to do in life and appreciate the things that matter more.
  • thumb
    Aug 12 2011: just two words can make this earth even better than heaven.............
  • thumb
    Aug 12 2011: How about teaching them about TED?
  • thumb
    Aug 10 2011: love is about giving
  • Aug 10 2011: This is a very good question, I would teach the world just one thing and that is "FORGIVENESS".This is a best lesson which i have learned and followed and experienced so much and benefited from it. This lesson would eliminate "HATRED" ;which is the main cause for many disasters all over the world.
  • Aug 10 2011: Treasure your life.Live it to the fullest.Never regret.
  • thumb
    Aug 10 2011: "This too shall pass."
  • thumb
    Aug 9 2011: One of the most profound quotes I have ever heard came from a holocaust survivor named Viktor Frankl...

    "We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms -- to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.”
  • Aug 8 2011: It's ok to fail. But not ok to give up.
  • thumb
    Aug 6 2011: There is a quote in Tamil "Theedhum nandrum pirar thara vaaraa", which means, good and bad what you experience is not because of other's deeds. It is all because of your deeds, so blaming others or praising others for what you experience is wrong. What you sow is what you reap.
  • thumb
    Aug 6 2011: Some years ago I have talked with my kids on this question. My son (25) has said: people should listen to what their body tells about their emotions. My daughter (22): wondering about existence .
    For myself: be present . This because this world drives us to rational thinking all the time. We are not the master of our thinking, but it drives us. We need to find the stopbutton. Then we find openess, happiness and attention to other people and to the intimate connection in ourselves.
  • Aug 5 2011: YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. It could be in the next five minutes or it could be decades from now, but you are going to die. Death is not an intellectual concept. Maybe you will go to heaven, maybe there will be rivers of honey or virgins or wings and harps. Maybe you will go to hell, or maybe you will come back in another physical manifestation. *Maybe* But these are all dubious prospects at best, and destructive, nihilistic thinking at worst.

    It's not easy to know this, in a truly honest and intuitive manner, because consciousness has difficulty with the concept of not being, and ego enjoys the prospect of continuity. But when you know you're going to die then suddenly life becomes exponentially sweet. Possibilities infinitely multiply. That which is truly important is revealed, so that you can live for it.

    If you don't want to take just any Joe's word for it, take Steve Job's ...

    "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know of avoiding the trap of thinking that you have something to lose".

    If i could add anything to that, i'd say that it also applies to all of those whom you love. Treat them accordingly, as each moment that they live is a sacred gift.

    The only objective measure of immortality is found in the places where we touch other lives. Touch gently, touch lovingly, touch humbly, touch authentically. It comes around and it goes around and that's life.
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: The value of living in the moment. Everything at this point is perfect and come sfrom a place of love.
  • Aug 5 2011: Question everything. Seek to understand everything you see or hear.

    If you hear an opinion that sounds like bollocks to you, question it. More importantly, question your own opinions, because if you know you're right but don't know why, you're wrong.
  • Aug 5 2011: Don't be afraid to be independent.step out and follow your heart. If not, you'll miss out on life, never meet the people who could help you achieve it on the way, and do things you never thought were possible. Don't wait for others to help you achieve your own dreams, start yourself.
  • Aug 5 2011: I learned that one key to relationships is, if someone makes a point, you do NOT have to make a counterpoint.
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: I learned to love myself, warts and all.
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: Learn about yourself, and accept yourself. The only person that can truly understand you is you. Don't waste your time trying to figure out other peoples heads until you have a grip on yours. Accept yourself, because you can and you should.

    Vague okay yes, part of the problem of taking about accepting yourself and understanding yourself, is that I can't tell you what you'll get out of it, because people are all different. All I can tell you is that You'll learn thing about yourself you didn't want to know, but they'll be incredibly useful to you if you can get a handle on them, and I know you can.

    Just take some time, and play around in your own head, and learn something about yourself.
  • Aug 5 2011: There is no need to follow the pack. You can make your own path if you perceive shortcomings in the conventional route.
  • thumb
    Aug 4 2011: Say I do not know
    • thumb
      Aug 6 2011: Good one, Phillip! This seems so simple but it is so hard for so many people to do.
      • thumb
        Aug 7 2011: Thank you Debra, it makes me very happy, when clever people appreciate my thinking. =)

        I hope, both things, I meant are expressed correctly.
        tell others, that you do not know
        and assume, that you do not know.
  • Aug 4 2011: Be Brave, Be BOLD and Believe....

    Believe in your own credibility, creativity, and brave in your assertions and BOLD in your expression! It's what I teach my sons.
  • Aug 4 2011: That the daring doing of dreams with someone you love is worth everything. Life is like that. Life is in that.
  • Aug 4 2011: One valuable thing I'm sure of that is worth noting is, all happiness & unhappiness (emotions) don't last, and when we're happy there's no unhappiness and when we are unhappy there's no happiness.

    We're either happy or unhappy all the time unless we know how to live out of the two emotions of happiness and unhappiness by training ourselves to be in equanimity or in a balance between these two emotions i.e level-headed. :)
    • thumb
      Aug 4 2011: Thanks Carole! I think this is one of the hardest lessons to learn. When we are in the midst of an emotion- especially negative- it might feel all encompassing but really remembering or knowing that 'this too shall pass" in a really concrete way and not just as a slogan is truly helpful
  • thumb
    Aug 3 2011: "Try and find out"
  • thumb
    Aug 3 2011: It is one thing to talk about the need for change. It is a whole other thing to do something about it. We cannot be missionaries, trying to force our ideals onto others, but we can be listeners. When we understand what our communities (local and global) need and our communities want to work with us, we can be effective.
  • thumb
    Aug 3 2011: That we are only stewards of the material possessions that we have and that the world could be a better place if we start to leave with this fact in mind....

    It teaches you the culture of having and using weapon as a solution to the problem. It continues to kill as long as the culture of weapon remains.
  • thumb
    Aug 3 2011: Michael,

    That each person, no matter age, ethnicity or ideology or IQ has unique experiences and potentials to be co-contructive parts of community. This requires looking for, listening to and actively engaging the lessons and contributions each person, including ourselves, has to offer. And understanding how diverse others don't deplete us or compete for resources, but rather broaden and balance us and build on our resources of knowledge. Thus, all can be critical pieces of the puzzle we need to see and complete our own big picture.

  • thumb
    • thumb
      Aug 4 2011: Kristofer! What a valuable and much needed lesson. I see that you practice it here on TED routinely and it makes any conversation in which you are a member more fruitful. Thanks for posting this.
  • Aug 2 2011: Patience, Love and understanding
  • Sep 1 2011: Love is wise, hatred is foolish. -Bertrand Russell
  • Sep 1 2011: Adults don't know half of what they think they do, and are usually mistaken about which half, trust your own reasoning for odds are you'll be at least as right as they, possibly more-so, and above all don't let them hamper your creativity.

    But by the time this is learned it's too late
  • Sep 1 2011: A quote that I learned from someone I deeply respect:

    I honour the place in you
    in which the entire universe dwells.
    I honour the place in you
    which is of love, of truth.
    of light, and of peace.
    When you are in that place in you
    and I am in that place in me,
    we are one.

  • thumb
    Aug 31 2011: knowledge is power
  • Aug 29 2011: "Don't give up, don't ever give up."
    -Jimmy V
  • thumb
    Aug 15 2011: Peace is the biggest meditation....Satisfaction is biggest happiness........Greediness or selfishness is the bigggest disease. ....and humbleness or modesty is the biggest religion...
  • Aug 14 2011: I like this quote: "Create like a God, Command Like a Kind, Work Like a Slave"
    This should be applied in both the business and personal world.
    My personal contribution to this topic would be: Always have an open mind to learning. You learn every day. Keep learning. Keep the curiosity ongoing.
  • Aug 14 2011: I would teach the world how to think positively. If everyone thought about how to improve, how to be better, how to simply stay upbeat and cheery no matter the odds. The resourcefulness that comes from it is boundless. Similar to the ted talks about Tony Robbins said about the difference between resource vs resourcefulness.
  • thumb
    Aug 14 2011: Patience is one of the most powerful tools in possession of the human race. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be taught, or even learned. It goes hand in hand with one's intelligence.

    Nevertheless, if it could be taught, and I could show it to the world, it would definitively be my choice. A world full of patient people would be a world without war, hunger, or poverty. This is because people would collectively stop and think before they acted... all over the world...
  • thumb
    Aug 13 2011: I would say one word: "compassion".
    It is the basis for our family's structure and rules and I find myself wondering why our culture doesn’t place more importance on this. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone put compassion first, before personal gain, status, time constraints, and ego.
  • thumb
    Aug 13 2011: Smile often...

    "If you smile at me, I will understand
    'Cause that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language."

    Wooden Ships by CSN
  • thumb
    Aug 13 2011: That if you cannot identify one thing that is free, ubiquitous, and common that makes you happy, then there is nothing on this planet that can.

    You can spend your whole life pursuing the next promotion, the next purchase, or the next relationship - but if you don't know at your core something that you already have access to that brings you joy, you won't find it - no matter how many times you 'trade up'.

    (For me it's squirrels - unless they are biting my tomatoes ;-)
  • Aug 13 2011: Nobody notices what you've done only what you havn't done
  • thumb
    Aug 13 2011: I would suggest being moderate in our decisions, actions and respecting other 's rights. There is a saying in Persian language :
    you were crying when born while the people around you were laughing , we must live and behave in this world so that everybody cries for us when we die.
  • J G

    • +1
    Aug 12 2011: I would teach the following priceless advice: "follow your heart and achieve happiness".
  • thumb
    Aug 12 2011: If I could teach the world 1 valuable thing I have learned, it would be, don't take things personally, just like a book I read about 4 agreements we should have in life in order to be ok, happy...If you learn how to live your life and let others be their own protagonists, then you wont take anything personally, since we all have our own movie...I believe we are all so different, unique, and beautiful that if we let others be who they are, without taking anything personally , then we will all live our life's as they should be...We were all raised differently as well, different values and ethics were thought and this plus our personality and the lessons we have had in life, makes us who we we shouldn't take anything personally since we have no idea how other people were raised, how they were thought and who they really are...It is difficult for me to express my ideas, which is why i love this site, but i hope you can understand and find it in your self, or not....just my piece of sand...
  • thumb
    Aug 12 2011: those who achieved big first thought big
  • thumb
    Aug 12 2011: If I could teach the world one thing, it exactly would be "Toleration". Being tolerant help us to reach our goals without hurting other people feelings.
    One of the important principles of civil society is to be tolerant towards individuals, groups, religious, which gives us the chance to recognize the respect for other people's physical appearance, behavior, orientations.
    The more democratic society is, the more is developed toleration as characteristic feature in it.
  • Aug 12 2011: If I could teach the world one thing, it would be to learn to have some mastery over their emotions. It would behoove us to do more rational thinking, and less rationalizing of our emotional reactions.
    • Comment deleted

      • Aug 12 2011: Frans, I did not say we should suppress emotion. Nor would I recommend it. You are right, that can create problems. Emotional mastery isnt "suppression" as I see it. Its just not letting our emotions run the show entirely. The wisdom to know when it is okay to run with your emotions and when reason should prevail. Suppressed emotions often DO run the show, all the more because they are acting below the level of consciousness. So I would never call it mastery to suppress them.

        However, when you allow emotion free reign to dictate actions, as we do now for the most part, anyone who can manipulate us emotionally can also control our actions. Hitler knew this. Stalin knew this. Our leaders know this. Advertisers know this. Anyone who wants to control other people knows this. Most of us dont know this.

        Make the people fear? You can get them to attack. Tell them what the danger is? You can direct that attack. That is a real problem in a world where money controls the media. What I mean by emotional mastery is the ability to feel your feelings, not repress them, but then to apply your rational dispassionate mind to an examination of the situation. To look at the facts, to look for motive in those who are whipping up your emotions, so you can decide rationally if what you fear is a boogey man created by someone else to control you, or if it is real and requires real action. (Love can also be used to control, its not only fear, someone can make you love them by telling you what inspires love in you, and their actions may betray their real intent)

        We do not, (on the whole, individuals can and do), look beyond our emotional impulse. We get carried away in the rapids of emotion and act before we think, and often we dont even know we SHOULD think, that there is a need to get more facts, a need to examine motive, because the current of emotion is so powerful.
        • thumb
          Aug 12 2011: Thank you Alyson for explaining your initial thoughts And you are right about how people are manipulated all over. It is often done by people that are mislead and can't think for themselves. It is due to the way of upbringing and educating children that in most cultures they trust in authority and which makes them into easy prey for those that use their given power for selfinteresting means. Belief systems, restricted access for information and social pressure also take a big part in this. So it's a big issue and to get any change in this it has to start with our children and our guidance. To grow up they must learn to trust their own heart for direction and to use their own minds to lead them.
    • thumb
      Aug 12 2011: I wouldn't recommand this. Emotion is the way our body is moved by our feelings. This energy becomes available to act upon that which gave that feeling. If you suppress that emotion it will work inside instead of outside. The result is a distortion of the mind, body or both. People get sick or mad and the Victorian age was an example of this. Suppression of emotion and natural needs as was common practice then made a lot of people violent and mad and gave Freud a reason to start his psychological investigations.
      What you mean however is something else. I think that you think that as more poeple were better educated they were more civilized. And I thinks this too. They would understand more and have more respect for others and the world they live in.
  • Aug 11 2011: Spiritualism is a very personal thing. To all the Christians, Muslims, Buddists and all other religions, "When one of you comes back from the dead with indesputable proof of what is on the other side, then you can preach you are the one true religion, until then.....Keep It To Yourself". I will believe what I believe and nothing you say or do will ever change that.

    If there was no organized religion, most of the wars on this planet would stop. Learn to get along...and practice what you preach.
  • Aug 10 2011: If I could teach just ONE thing?

    Hmmm - I know: The danger of the single story!
  • Aug 10 2011: Focus on the eternal not the temporary.
    • Aug 10 2011: The eternal is temporary and the temporary eternal. It is a matter of perception. As far as focusing on the long term over the short term that isn't always a good thing. It is the short term that shapes the long term and as such they need both be respected. Don't be so impulsive to not consider the long term but don't neglect the present because it is all we have.
      • Aug 10 2011: No, sorry, I think I didn't explain what I meant. For me, as a christian, I believe after this life, is eternity, and accepting Jesus as your personal saviour, is the only way to make it to heaven. When you leave this earth, four things remain: God, Other people, your own soul, and deeds of love. Everything else, possessions, money, opinions, titles, power etc. no longer stay with you. For this reason, I say focus on helping others, showing forgiveness, being with others in there pain, rather than trying to become Master of the Board (aka getting so many things you have others under your power) and focusing on jobs, wealth and promotions etc. What I am saying is make the most of now so that then you have something to say for yourself. I understand fully that this is my opinion and not necessarily
  • thumb
    Aug 10 2011: Become a good listener.
    Pay attention to your thoughts and listen to your inner voice.
    Better still listen to others more carefully so that you can understand them well.

    No thoughts live in your mind without rent so make sure you LISTEN!
  • An Ge

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    Aug 10 2011: Life is short , Do your time wise
  • thumb
    Aug 9 2011: Meden Agan: Everything in moderation; Taking nothing in excess allows for the existence of the balance that we need to survive. Live.

    Geothi S'Auton: Know Thyself; One's internal processes are a microcosm of all other human (or perhaps all other living) systems. Understand.

    Metpon Ariston: The Best Measure; Precision in our expression of ourselves shows for all to see the beautiful harmony that exists within our dual nature. Experience Joy.
  • Aug 9 2011: Maybe the understanding of life I want to share is that: You have to recognise which things you can do and which things you can not, then reject that you cannot before you start doing things -- no one can do everything.
  • Aug 9 2011: I'd teach the world to learn, so that all-else can be learnt.
  • thumb
    Aug 8 2011: Be kind and patient. Your true nature is pure, even though you might have lost sight of it in the mad race to achieve or even survive. Take time off everyday to think about your relationship with the world around you. You will find peace in the most unlikely of places. And there is no one thing you can learn from someone. ;)
  • thumb
    Aug 8 2011: To move towards, understand, become Love......because it is true
  • thumb
    Aug 8 2011: The Love I speak of is above our human senses. Please reference: The Greatest Thing in the World by
    Henry Drummond. It is out of copyright and free online..................... With Love to ALL, Peter.
    • Aug 8 2011: A great book Peter, one that helped me understand that very point.
  • thumb
    Aug 8 2011: To always question yourself
  • thumb

    Ben Jin

    • +1
    Aug 8 2011: Don't touch the hot metal surfaces!!!

    Just kidding. But biologically and especially in today's world when we're surrounded by screaming tea kettles and soldering irons and stove tops, it's pretty important to learn that "once bitten, twice shy" kind of concept.

    Anyways, I would have to say that it's important to consider all sides of some topic before making opinions. I mean, we're all making opinions everyday about everything, and to develop a worldly view, we shouldn't jump to conclusions; rather we ought to at least TRY to retain a non-biased initial mindset, and then adapt to opinion we feel is the best only after considering all other possibilities. I'm sure that without this skill, TED conversations would soon become bloody brawls of diatribe and bigotry...
  • thumb
    Aug 8 2011: Never cease to learn!
  • thumb
    Aug 8 2011: Live to love
  • thumb
    Aug 7 2011: Youth community participation, ending corruption in emerging economies...
  • Aug 7 2011: Learn to share. Everything is better when shared.
  • thumb
    Aug 7 2011: Never give up your dreams and aspirations.
    If you spend your life being afraid of acting on making them come true, what is the point of being alive?
  • Aug 7 2011: You must always be objective in your thinking.
    We never know where the other person has been, why they are doing what they do, what they have gone through, how much they know, etc. We must remember that we can not always see all the sides of an argument. Me must be open to reason and to change. Be open to take yourself out of the circle you are in so you can see the entire picture and not just a peice of it. Be objective and try to see all that each issue is about. Use objectivity to encompass all aspects of each issue!
  • Aug 7 2011: Listen.
  • thumb
    Aug 7 2011: Saving one human is saving all humanity & vice verssa.
  • thumb
    Aug 7 2011: do what you should
    • Aug 7 2011: Who or what decides the should?
      • thumb
        Aug 8 2011: your own morals + all sensory information cataloged.
        • thumb
          Aug 8 2011: I once read an ancient Chinese law (not sure where or when) that said: If it is wrong do not do it!. I love that! All the laws reduced down to one statement.
  • Aug 6 2011: That 1 valuable thing I would share with my fellow beings of the world is actually a skill, "The ability to stay calm".
    In our day-to-day, each and everyone of us undergoes tremendous pressures may be because of deadlines at work, relationships, or in fact even with the nature effects.
    The thing I am putting forward goes like this : "human behavior is always in the control of the individual's intent to react to a situation. when you are sure that there would be no impact/change in the course of events happening, whatever may be the action you would take, it is of no need to strain your highly capable brain with the emotions. I always believe that staying calm in case of crisis would always provide you with the ability to think for better solutions"
  • thumb
    Aug 6 2011: The one lesson I wish to share with everyone is that everyone has there "thing". Everyone growing up has something that they are interested in, that that want to learn. My advice is to locate this skill at an early age and just keep with it. Although peoples tastes and interests change its often their personality does not. If you love something from the day you where born, love it forever. Don't let anything stop you from doing it. And when you grow, you will have a skill that grows with you. You can be a master, someone with an extraordinary skill they have honed all their life from just the pure love of the craft.

    It's a purely rewarding experience and keeps you true to who you are.
  • thumb
    Aug 6 2011: This answer is probably unexpected but i would teach the world to stop having so many kids. We have overpopulated this planet and then some. This planet wasn't meant to support 6 billion people (and growing) by means of natural production. We NEED to find a way to co-exist with the environment.

    An answer that might have been expected would be "Try your best at anything you do". If you live by these words, you will rid your life of regret because you've tried your best and there wasnt any more you could do.
  • Aug 6 2011: Life is not an illusion, but our thoughts, ideas and perceptions are illusions, delusions, and insanity. Seeing things as they really are (mindfullness) is a skill worth learning.
  • thumb
    Aug 6 2011: Never stop seeking information. Contrary to what some might think, giving a damn about the world and the people on it is sexy as hell.
  • thumb
    Aug 6 2011: It is our responsibility to distinguish the difference between right from wrong.If we rely on others in dictating our own morality then it is in our destiny to live an empty and without purpose kind of life.

    regarding the "skill" part...

    (i can levitate a spoon without using my bare hands!...)
  • thumb

    C. V.

    • +1
    Aug 6 2011: That, even though men and women are equal in rights, they are quite different in many other ways. Seems obvious, but I didn't think so in my twenties.
  • Aug 6 2011: Know yourself and know that the attitude towards your experiences will define your life stories not the experiences defining who you are.
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: That you can not by Mother with paying all valuable belongings of yours.
    Mother is invaluable, you have to be child to get love and compassion of mother. You need to change there is nothing you can give in exchange.
    For valuable things you can give your values in exchange, for precious things you can pay price what is asked but for invaluable, there is nothing you can exchange, you need to change yourself and you will get it automatically.
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: Not being scared to act, mostly
  • Aug 5 2011: How to be happy.
    Happy people are generous, can love with no conditions, they do not fear...
  • Aug 5 2011: Life is about finding the beauty that within YOU. Your life will unfold in a magical way.
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: Simple: You can do it! I'm currently on my own Global Volunteering Adventure, and country after country, I find that helping people realize that they have the potential. power, and opportunity to create their own futures is incredibly empowering and uplifting.
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: Respect Human Beings ................................
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: Becoming vegan has been the most important lesson in my life so far. It unfolds such a variety on "sub-lessons" like compassion towards the helpless, environmental impact of our consumption, eating locally (which is close to impossible for non-organic-meat), personal health and of course the touchiness of other people when it comes to MY personal choices.
  • Aug 5 2011: Do right things. This I think encompasses loving people, sharing what you have with others, not making fun of other people and a lot of other things. Do things right and do it good. Nice question : )
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: Love.
    Though when we give love to someone we know or not, we can't sure to have the feedback right away. But if we keep doing so, one day the others will feel it and be affected, and later may start to give it to more people.
    If a person want to receive love, he or she had better to give it first.
    Love can make the others much happier, like a little circle to grow bigger gradually.
  • Aug 5 2011: One word which i like is : DREAM
    because :
    Dream, Dream and Dream
    Dream transforms into thoughts
    Thoughts results into action.
  • thumb
    Aug 5 2011: Creative, impassioned, engaged and undaunted patience, learned through the following insights gathered on Capitol Hill: 1) good ideas and easy options are not the same thing… 2) difficulty is not failure; it serves to illuminate the landscape, so we can better find the right way forward… 3) some problems are bigger than our awareness; we should keep this in mind… 4) where our awareness fails, we have room to grow… 5) persistence only works when mixed with a healthy dose of patience…
    • Aug 5 2011: Excellent thoughts Joseph.
  • thumb
    Aug 4 2011: I believe that, there is no such thing called failure, we simply procrastinate the success.
  • thumb
    Aug 4 2011: I would teach the world that at the heart of every person is goodness and that we need to strive to find that goodness and bring it out in each person we meet. We will always have people we do not like but we can transcend that and strive to bring out the goodness.
  • Aug 4 2011: Turn your problems into opportunities... All it takes is a shift in perception...
  • thumb
    Aug 4 2011: "Cynic is the men who knows price of everything but value of nothing" from great humor writer Oskar Wild
  • thumb
    Aug 4 2011: Worry is useless. Often, the things I worry the most about mean very little after a short time. It is the events I was not worried about and not prepared for that have had lasting impacts on who I am today. Although, concern is a far different emotion. Concern coupled with action has brought me out of potentially dangerous situations time and again. But worry is useless.
  • thumb
    Aug 4 2011: 2 things I think, HUMILITY & COMPASSION, if every living human being had just enough of that, I have no doubt in my mind that the power of the two could dramatically change the direction and ultimately the state of the world is in right now...
  • thumb
    Aug 4 2011: Respect the world and everything and everyone that resides in it.
    You may not live to see the consequences of all of your actions but many others will.
  • Aug 4 2011: Everyone is different, but were all the same too! Humans, animals, and plants Its one big dysfunctional family,full of love betrayal, and consequences, but we all come from the same home in the end.
  • thumb
    Aug 3 2011: That outdated teaching and learning methods must be eliminated in education around the world. Homework, worksheets, lecture, classroom rules, tests and grades are stifling any thirst for learning that students may have.

    If teachers are willing to change their methods and create a Results Only Learning Environment, which embraces collaboration, autonomy and narrative feedback over grades, the world of education will change forever.
  • thumb
    Aug 3 2011: As long as I comprehend the importance of Love and Nutrition I am happy and tend to prosper.
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    Aug 3 2011: Great lessons come from both successes and failures - everyone stumbles but not everyone has to fall. Even If you happen to fall the good news is you can get back up. The linkage between intentions, outcomes, and development opportunities is something all leaders need to be aware of. When managing perceptions becomes more important than managing actions, you've landed on a slippery slope where optics are more important than ethics. Every leader has made decisions they regret - I sure have a few where a "do-over" would be in order, but the thing is, doing it right is better than doing it over. I'm not looking to fault people for mistakes as much as I am interested in the factors underpinning the origin of the mistake, and more importantly, the actions taken after the mistake. Life is short - don't balance prioritize.
  • Aug 3 2011: English, so that hopefully all will be but one world, one country without the language barrier, and our beautiful minds will be connected as one, through the high speed pathway of interpersonal communication. Imagine how much wider the world would be if there is such a thing as a ubiquitous beloved language.
  • Aug 3 2011: As the manager of a medical clinic I can state definitively that if a health insurance company says that they want to help, they don't. They want you to die and quickly.

    So my advice is this. Either work for a single payer system in the USA, or don't count on insurance for anything and just assume that they money you are paying them is being pissed away.
    • thumb
      Aug 4 2011: Agreed. The insurance companies are in a business to make money, not save lives. And they are very good at both.
    • thumb
      Aug 4 2011: Courage in action! Thanks Jeffrey!
  • Aug 3 2011: If you stop and think from time to time, all our troubles will be left behind.
  • thumb
    Aug 3 2011: No matter what you do, study, think, feel, want, and need, happiness is a must. Because once you find true happiness, life becomes beautiful in every possible aspect.
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    Aug 3 2011: "When something is not done well, and you have an idea on how to do it better, it will likely be successful" R. Branson.
  • V S E

    • +1
    Aug 3 2011: It would be how to play chess. My granddad taught me how to play when I was little and although I never mastered it (far from that) I believe it is a positive thing to learn, keeps you sharp and it is entertaining.
    • thumb
      Aug 4 2011: Valenti!
      I certainly wish I had learned to play chess! I really believe that it would help me in life as well. I think that game and what it teaches of strategy would help many of us gain 'street smarts' and to realize that not everything is as simple as it appears on the surface. Chess would have made me less naive.
  • thumb
    Aug 3 2011: when I was young my father always told me a saying I remember it when I face any obastcle
    (when they say "who is the man" I say "I am him")

    ie, there nothing you can't do
    never give up

    self confidence is the first step of any success in any field
  • Aug 3 2011: I tweeted this just a few days ago, but it's been a recurring theme for me for years - a personal mantra, but also something I've used with every team I've managed since. I've lived it ever since it was illustrated to me.

    Most limits are self imposed. Most of the rest are imposed by others, and are equally imaginary. Not much is not possible.

    Simply by changing your perception of what *can* be done, immediately changes what *is* done. The intractable becomes tractable. It is the surest way to improve the performance of any individual in almost any category.
  • Aug 3 2011: "There is no good move in a bad position." My father would always remind me of this when I was losing at chess, but it is an important life-lesson, too.
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    Aug 2 2011: dont eat yellow snow!
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    Aug 28 2011: EVERYONE deserves to have the benefit of the doubt given to them.
  • thumb
    Aug 26 2011: Embracing otherness is embracing ourselves. We are all human beings; we should embrace other cultures, other values, other ideas, other races... and then, we would be able to know ourselves.
  • M S

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    Aug 25 2011: Lennon & McCartney said it best:

    Give the word a chance to say
    That the word is just the way
    It's the word I'm thinking of
    And the only word is love
  • Aug 25 2011: Know thyself.

    Once you make this a goal and continue down the rabbit hole it will essentially cover everything from internal to external change. Know thyself!
  • Aug 18 2011: You only have one chance at this life and you can't control or know when it will end. Therefore live it the way YOU want NOW. A lot of opportunities in life come only once.

    This is pretty cliche but once I really understood this, making choices was easier and my life was happier because I am living for both the future AND today.
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    Aug 16 2011: The planet is in our stewardship. We are not the owners. The only thing we own is ourselves.
  • thumb
    Aug 15 2011: I've enjoyed reading these. Someone should gather them and assemble them into an e-book or something (with the permission of the person who submitted it, of course).
  • Aug 14 2011: Mine would be don't be so dependent on the words of others. Not saying the media is all bad or all scientists are wrong. But it seems that ppl are becoming lazy and depedent on others to find out the knowledge for them or that knowledge magically is transformed into a book and that the thought that created that book is just as magically as the creation of the pages and words that made the book possible. Never before has there been such a treasure trove of open source information available not only to a set number of ppl but to the whole world and ppl are not taking advantage of it but rather waiting for the news to be translated to them. They are not realizing and I find these horrendously shameful that ppl don't seem to understand how much information they put out amongst text , vids, post, comments and what have you.....along with the tech updates that are changing the world to rapidly for the news to report and even they were make a channel fixating on the mass info given within the past 4 years it would take a millenia or long to sift through 1% of said data. My advice is don't wait for the world to come to you but you go to the world. This planet was not civilized by sitting on our thumbs waiting for science to give us a hint. We had to look for them ourselves and find solutions to certain problems. But the solutions of yesterday's man has today's man stupid and tommorow's man will prolly be extinct. The human race must evolve or face to digress into primordial animalistic man with socialized internet linguistics in a post modern world.
  • thumb
    Aug 14 2011: Trust no future however pleasant
    Let the dead past bury its dead
    Act Act in living present
    Heart within n GOD overhead...........lov dis gr8 lines by shakespeare.....
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    Aug 14 2011: the drive that makes us chase happiness, contentment and peace is a drive inside everyone (based on my experience of human beings) ........where does the happiness, contentment and peace lie ???

    i wouldn't like to teach where it is because i still lose it everyday and have to keep re-finding it i'm not an expert on it .... .... maybe the existence of the drive is testament to the fact that there IS an answer that can be experienced and then the search can be abandoned and the experience can be enjoyed ....and maybe the need for us humans to search for the answer is one reason why the drive is so strong....
  • Aug 13 2011: The possibilities are a never-ending ocean. You can always float on the surface, but you can also dive down and be sure you will never drown.
  • Aug 13 2011: I would say, "The world is filled with stupid people and that includes you and me"
    Doesn't matter how smart you are or how high your IQ is. Those values are not fixed. How smart and intelligent you act depends a lot on your physical and mental state.

    I consider myself smart but in early mornings and late at night my I.Q is probably below standard. Drinking with friends lowers IQ, Being in a mob lowers IQ. Watching T.V lowers I.Q. Watching T.E.D increases I.Q

    Don't believe the world is run by smart people. You will often find they are clueless. Why is the world the way it is today? If all those experts are so smart what the hell is happening? If driving requires intelligence why are they so many accidents? People are smart, just not all the time. I have done plenty of stupid things and will do plenty more.

    When i drive the first thing i think is that all the drivers are below subnormal. They are clueless and prone to irrational driving. That thought alone has saved me from two major accidents caused by stupid people.

    So please believe everyone is stupid and act accordingly. And one more thing. If i ever do something stupid, please save me from my own stupidity. Our greatest strength is that overall most of us are intelligent most of the time so if one of us lapses the other might cover.
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    Aug 12 2011: I've learned that the "essence of ones mind is intrinsically pure". -Alan Watts
    I've also learned that enlightenment is being fully present and in the momen. I've learned that when I am upset or discouraged, this simple question centers me, what in this moment is lacking"? The answer is almost always -nothing. If you would like to hear a great talk from Alan Watts, I'll provide a link to Hubski where I found this beautiful video:
  • Aug 11 2011: Before doing any thing alwaz ask yourself why u doing this?
  • Aug 10 2011: I am like the Woman at the well in the 4th chapter of the Gospel of John. " ".
    When I found the Living Water I wanted to go and share it with the world. (I don't as often as I would like), but Jesus himself said in what we call the great commission, Matthew 28:18
    18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
    19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
    20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
    God, left Heaven and became a man so that He could express His great Love for us in that He not only had to live in a world of Sin, but was never tainted by it so that He could be our perfect sacrifice. He Died so that We could Live!
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    Aug 10 2011: Sanyu, The silence is the most valuable thing.

    Michael ciao comme va?
    • thumb
      Aug 11 2011: Hello Luigi,

      Silence is equally important, but we're unlikely to get there before we understand what our thoughts are!
    • Aug 12 2011: Luigi, hello. I am incredibly well dear friend. Todo va como nunca imaginaba yo. Silence, the silence of a morning with only your own thoughts would be a great help to everyone.
  • Aug 10 2011: Hmmm, that couldbe true. However, I'd say being "Being right is the first step towards being ignored". :)
    • Aug 10 2011: Nice point. That is to say not for actually being right but believing you are right between which is a very fuzzy line at best.
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    Aug 9 2011: The wise art of discriminating the good and the bad, the will to do that which is needed, and the faith that things will fall into place..
  • thumb
    Aug 8 2011: "A ucide un om este o crima, a ucide o idee este o Hiroshima"...Nichita Stanescu.
    • thumb
      Aug 8 2011: Lucia, could we have a translation of this please? I tried Google translations and it was not comprehensible. If it has to do with never forgetting Hiroshima - It hink it is probably something we all need to read!
  • Aug 8 2011: Be nice to the people who serve your food!
  • Aug 7 2011: That money is everything, because you can't do anything without it. We in the first world glibly say that "money can't buy happiness" when not one of us knows what it is to truly have no money.
    • Aug 8 2011: Money is a means, a very powerful one granted, but not an ends. It is after all just ink and cotton. The only power it has is that which we grant it. It can not sustain you in a famine nor quench you thirst in a drought. There are other means which can also beget beneficial outcomes. As far as happiness equated to money there is an obvious flaw in that logic because some of the most miserable people I have met are rich. Then there is the fact that I have met many below the poverty level that have a smile and spirit that persist even in the face adversity.

      Would you ever choose to be homeless?
  • Aug 7 2011: Assuming this advice would be given to the world we live in, and not an ideal one, this would be the lesson:
    Science explains religion. Religion cannot explain science.
    • thumb
      Aug 11 2011: Science explains religion. Religion cannot explain science scientifically, but morally. Science is not a religion and religion is not science. The truth of science can also be the truth of religion.

      Can NDE be the anomaly of "faith" only religion and also the anomaly of current science with the fringe evidence of higher dimensions? Can the anomaly be the convergence of science and religion?
      • Aug 27 2011: This is very true, and essentially what the comment implied. :) Perhaps you stated it better than I could have ;p

        Though some do treat science as a religion, as Einstein did, and some do try to use religion as a science. This is partially why I am rather confused with, "The truth of science can also be the truth of religion." It implies, to me anyway, that science can be a religion and religion can be a science. Could you explain that more throughly?

        In all honesty, I am not a fully educated individual (you can probably tell ;p) but if one were to fully believe in the 'e' word (evolution ;p) morals, in that case, could be explained scientifically.

        I apologize for not responding earlier, as I made this account on a whim a while ago and have not checked my email regularly since.

        I eagerly followed the link you posted, but became a bit confused. Was there a particular story/link you wanted the readers to see, or the information of the site in general?

        Have a jazzy day, Mr. Delsen :)
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    Aug 6 2011: Our reductionist mindset has contributed to our current problems. Changing our mindset is a path toward consciously designing the solutions for our problems.
  • Comment deleted

    • Aug 7 2011: I was a correctional officer for two years (too long) and am not quite sure what you mean exactly, but I can tell you that the older convicts had a saying, "We are all in prison serving our time weather we wear blue or brown". Most inmates wore blue uniforms and the officers brown.
      • Comment deleted

        • Aug 7 2011: I love your closing "Be Well be Present". It is beautiful. It does sound familiar however, where does it come from? I will remember it.
        • thumb
          Aug 11 2011: Ed, Skylar, "Be Well be Present" is somewat similar also to "On time, on purpose. Right here, right now."
  • Aug 6 2011: Always say Thank You!
  • thumb
    Aug 6 2011: Music is all you need :)
  • Aug 5 2011: The only way to see the world with clarity is to open your mind to anything new and at then to apply a critical thinking to seive through the lies and misconceptions to find the treasures of truth. Once you do that you can say you are the master of your world of ideas, and not just a follower. Also, the greatest truth is the one you conquer yourself, never one that is simply given.
  • Aug 5 2011: Jealousy = useless emotion. The other person isnt doin it to hurt you
  • Aug 5 2011: I would teach them pelvic floor exercises for superior sexual fitness and curable and preventable incontinence!
  • Aug 5 2011: Be Passionate about whatever you do, Be Patient, Live the moment and Be worry-free
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    Aug 5 2011: Dreaming vs Pursuing. There is a difference between dreaming and pursuing your dreams. The only way to pull your dreams into reality is to pursue and catch them. Never stand idle knowing what you yearn awaits just ahead.
  • Mike L

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    Aug 4 2011: With what I read so far, it's really interesting on how people cover so many different aspects or areas of life (although, there were a lot of happiness teachings). But what I find more interesting than that is that a lot of the people learn from others (sometimes it's their father, or grandmother), and sometimes they learn it through personal experience or the things that you learn from other sources (for me, I learn valuable things from my parents/books/personal experience). I like how's there a variety of valuable lessons or skills within this conversation. Really interesting and worthwhile to read all of it.
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    Aug 3 2011: Don't waste your life looking for god.
  • Aug 3 2011: I do everything at 110% the best I could do and be at all times or else I do not bother at all. Be the best person I could be whether it is my job, parenting, helping some one else, **Listening**. I learned that from Walter Payton #34 Chicago Bears in his book Never Die Easy.

    I picked up from myself and experiences that actually Listening and remembering to what a person has to say instead of bombarding thing with a fight back could actually get you a long way and save a lot of arguing. Plus its a HUGE brownie points with the woman ;)
    • thumb
      Aug 3 2011: I would teach the world that it isn't possible to have 110% of anything. ;-)
    Jan 1 1970:
    Jan 1 1970:
    • Aug 10 2011: Penny auctions are gambling and therefore unreliable. The newer a auction site is the more likely you are to win for a reasonable price but as more people join the prices go up. You also didn't mention the fact that you pay to for each individual bid regardless of if you win or not. Sounds like an advert to me.