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If you could teach the world 1 valuable thing you learned, what would it be and why?

The 1 valuable thing you learned could be anything, whether it is a skill, a lesson you learned, a quote you heard, or even the most simple things.


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    I would tell people that if world as we know it, would be powered by Islam system, everything would be different. There wouldn't be wars, bad politics, conspiracy etc.
    • Aug 7 2011: There is no single answer that is universally the "best". The universe is shaped through opposing forces like the magnetic fields created by the north and south poles together they form a protective blanket. The world needs balance between these opposing forces in order for these vital systems to work effectively. Remove or focus too much energy at one end and the system collapses. This phenomena is also used to wire our brains in the sense that its two hemispheres are like the ends of a magnet (logic and intuition) or as I like to call them structure and chaos but because neither is inherently positive or negative structurally they remain in a constant state of flux pulling toward and pushing away from each other much like the dance of two passionate lovers. To make anything that is entirely one sided is unwise and I doubt even possible. The world needs conflict in order to grow and evolve. I believe by mirroring biological systems use of genes both dominant and recessive (don't forget the mutations they are very important as well) we can synthesize governmental and societal systems that pull from human knowledge more holistically and would represent all of the people and truly be for the people.
      • Aug 9 2011: Very well articulated Nitesh!
        • Aug 10 2011: Thank you and may we all find mutual ground on which to stand united and together build a future that is both beautiful and abundant.
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      Aug 7 2011: it is good that you threw in so much arguments, and not just baseless claims.
    • Aug 7 2011: blue bubble......................for lack of a better word you exhibit the traits of naivette and are the most naive person this side of heaven.Can i name you the most volatile regions of the world with the highest number of muslim adherents?1.Somalia2.Indonesia3.Vietnam4.Nigeria5.Palestine6.The greater russia7.Libya8.Egypt9.Syria10.Iraq11.Afghanistan12.Iranneed i go on??the problem is not the religion but the the paradigm of the peopleSkylar you have it nailed
      • Aug 7 2011: Thank you for the affirmation, but why poke a hornets nest? A little harsh maybe, but then again I have no place to judge because I used to be a bullies bully (the guy who pushes back in the defense of others as well as himself) and still am sometimes. Yep, I am just as flawed as the next guy, but have found overtime that it is important to befriend potential enemies whenever possible. Vocabulary can be a powerful tool and may be used to bring people closer together or deepen and widen the divisions between them. Thank you again and the best of luck in your journey.
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      Aug 8 2011: The day all people learnt to respect others,started feeling about them and be concerned about a gift called "life", we will need no religious guidelines and moreover, the crux of every religious story is same, then why to go for complex and complicated stories? Are they serving any mental food for progress? These stories are making particular sections of some socities more adamant and stubborn to accept path of peace and love. I would urge everybody to spread only small messages and not the stories to drive positive growth in budding mentals cells of young generation and save them from becoming fanatics. ~Spread love, Not religion~
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      Aug 8 2011: Never knew before that Islam was a system. Thoug though it was an appeal to love one another. Have you heard of the Qur’an?
    • Aug 11 2011: I AM THE BEST SYSTEM OF LIFE

      I would tell people that if world as we know it, would be powered by ME, everything would be different. There wouldn't be wars, bad politics, conspiracy etc.

      It would also be terribly montone.
    • Sep 1 2011: The same could be said for any other religion, or belief system... if we all though the same way, we'd never fight... or learn... thankfully we don't all think the same way

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